May 13, 1980: Julia Child cooks an omelet

Julia Child shows us a fast way to prepare a simple omelet.
5:18 | 04/26/17

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Transcript for May 13, 1980: Julia Child cooks an omelet
One of the most magical things and cooking is the making of an omelet and we are sole occupant that I have when those one of the great magicians of cooking. Julia Child who explained. How any of us and I repeat how any of us can make an omelet and I'm delighted to announce the Julia bashing we'll cop bashing the that is going to be whether it's on a regular basis here on Good Morning America going to be helping themselves some. Basic techniques in the kitchen and tempt us to try new thing. You really that. I think it's funny stuff since it is. That's fact appeals to you want it on the good morning good morning all right right pin what does that mean how Howell happening. I'm sure prone on the floor that she didn't you don't have it with a long handle on the sloping sides like this should be. About two inches deep and then it should be in no stick and most directly. But if only sticks to the if and help bigger cost big parents don't ten inches across and seven and one half but the bottom on the record part of what actually. Perfect OK and what actually goes into. What are you doing truly. Susan movement because this is an old man Thomas. Q and tore through the Pope going to try and put food or to. We can who. Out there whom football marches through or boys who like that the human has always have a come on yeah. Remember jerk toward. Little truth little failures do. Mutant and again and good humored you it's out there just aren't you there live. He instructor about themselves himself it. Bolt when it all okay. Practicing jerking during heart and what what actually goes into the panel what does it. US that's independent but little group that's it won't be. I well I'm practicing right here the boy know what's in here we just got to exit yeah I don't know if all the if you. And you got it flipped over and very very the Pentagon about it it was wouldn't bother them there you look at the butter tunnel vision. And the full defend against don't know right its home. Okay all the hot enough doing. They've got it without apartment and are you gonna do the sooners is meant to do loosen and you think it's okay probably really. OK so. And pinch ago but. We don't have been. Fix the road in the volatile. We'll weigh upon. Until it gets better good of the structure. Just shaking back and forth let this. Of slow music. Business sticking a little bit. Little things. I'm still working on my dreams drew. Now hundreds of cleanup human and management arm and another another thing if Republican literal than this in your ticket out and just don't. Know what. Compliment announcement even competency and Julian. You're gonna let one. Positive attitude all right and I am going to make you a burglary and bomb went right to own it that's the amount are you know. Thank you. Okay now. It also as I wait for my bothered to set moment to set foot as the with four of the bubble so good and I almost two of them all the candidates talking enough okay you know ten inches across two inches deep. Health tips churned out chocolate for the butter got to have a plopped in otherwise you leave Ghana that's right that's right right to due to the outlook. Waiting for the butter the good and your garment unanimously now. Right thumb are doing is still amount to look for Stover kicked a little longer than just don't Ilyce no affiliation of those good. Want to put us back here we do. Persuasion or OK no way forward and we Ford to set went right at seven just a little bit part of. Seven nicely. Nicely now. I couldn't tell started. But keep it down envoy. I'm going to start raising tipping it put up a little bit my. What did you didn't. Think comment not depend workout. No but don't let all of you good you may have done it. Oil at until eggs that. Are there are both clintons. Left the brutal brutal conflict about it to garnish. Through it and then. Julia child's interests as the host super. Taste of what we have something that's a must the only the only thing that this points from. Well I don't have a glass of white one and you always have agreed to do happen from Rutland oklahomans know about them about a could. A portable Julius and you're so owners can one's gonna be even better than a third thing is no limit her only child going to be with us. On a regular basis earned Good Morning America and we are thrilled. We'll be valid instrument five.

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{"duration":"5:18","description":"Julia Child shows us a fast way to prepare a simple omelet.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46889625","title":"May 13, 1980: Julia Child cooks an omelet","url":"/GMA/video/13-1980-julia-child-cooks-omelet-46889625"}