1st Powerball Winners Describe Amazing Feeling of Winning

Two out of the three jackpot winners have yet to claim their winnings from the historic lottery drawing.
2:35 | 01/16/16

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Transcript for 1st Powerball Winners Describe Amazing Feeling of Winning
Eva, thank you. To the powerball mystery. Two out of the three winning tickets from Wednesday's historic jackpot are unclaimed this morning. We did, however, just meet the winners from Tennessee and showed up to collect their check with their dog in tow. ABC's Steve osunsami on their sweet and surprising plans for what to do next. Good morning to you, Dan, so far lottery officials here at the Tennessee headquarters have only given the family here a portion of their winnings. The rest will come later but the couple did leave with a nice million or so to tide them over. We just wanted a little piece of the pie. Now I'm real grateful that we got the big piece of the pie. Reporter: This morning John and Lisa Robinson will have to pinch themselves because it's not a dream. I was running down the hallway screaming and crying and I said you got to check the Numbers. Reporter: Numbers her husband said he almost didn't even buy. I told her, I said I really don't feel like picking them up but I'll stop at the store. Reporter: He's seen here on a grocery store security camera buying the ticket before asking for four tickets and telling the cashier to print them individually. The third ticket was the winner. Why separate tickets? As opposed -- That's just the way I do it. Reporter: They came to collect the cash with their daughter and dog Abby. Lisa cried when she explained what she's going to do. Well, our daughter had some -- Student loans that they're going to help me pay. Reporter: They say they're still going to work on Monday and they're not moving. Their home is big enough. They say they love their lives as is. Big fancy house, elaborate house, they're nice, don't get me wrong but they have to clean them. Reporter: The other two jackpot winners in Florida and California have not yet come forward. The lottery is now confirming that the ticket given to a California nurse by her boss is not the winner. The 56-year-old mother was reportedly the target of a prank by her son, park avenue health care's director is telling ABC news that the woman is now taking a leave of absence. The winning couple here moved fast. They immediately talked to an accountant in the family and set up a meeting with their lawyer the same day. Dan and Cecilia. Steve, thank you. Let's see how long that arieler Ji to large, fancy houses lasts. Aisle still upset I didn't win. Just saying. There's a large chorus of people who feel that way. There's another drawing tonight by the way if you want to get in. It's a mere 40 million bucks in thank you for encouraging her gambling habits. Speaking of Ron Claiborne we

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"Two out of the three jackpot winners have yet to claim their winnings from the historic lottery drawing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36330861","title":"1st Powerball Winners Describe Amazing Feeling of Winning","url":"/GMA/video/1st-powerball-winners-describe-amazing-feeling-winning-36330861"}