2014 Puppy Bowl Preview

Referee discusses the rules as puppies practice for the big game.
3:00 | 01/27/14

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Transcript for 2014 Puppy Bowl Preview
We can you can talk about it for a minute and -- like seven. -- let them go and see what happens thanks to be yes please yes let's talk about by the rules anxiety about there are rules they are. -- -- -- Well they're really simple. At first of all under the -- -- team jerseys but it's really every dog and -- The gravity -- dragons the end zone every dog as a running back nobody is a quarterback can hang. And that can sit back and cuts -- would what does this breakfast it's offensive. The obvious is like you know this is like posturing right now -- just -- -- -- off right now that you notice there's no truth to it but they're battling over -- -- -- to motivate them and you guys. This is what you're fighting over so that either of all sports utility gets spent -- -- an Angel at the end any -- heart that you think. Part of it like. It that went three and -- my pockets -- of -- no idea what the longest upheaval that has ever taken place the longest people in terms of tiny. Like it's always two hours yeah we will we will we see this thing it's Alison Alison I had a certain point and then you just can't get them. It never happened. But maybe this year people -- -- coming up. Maybe -- -- tied to the awesome what's been the highest scoring puppy -- of all time high school I believe one popping one here because all the individuals scored five -- I. Line -- was course named -- pima -- of the -- Had visited the team. Date all we get submissions from all of the country the great things that all these puppies are for rescue shelters. Centers and rescue shelters -- -- the brother country they're all available for adoption. And we just get people who come to us and say we'd like to get of autism of people 66 puppies participated this year these bodies are not a puppy bowl -- from a group called the saddle project which is. Puerto Rican organization that takes abandoned puppies and finds a new homes and they're all available for adoption as well listen to the standing in and they're doing well they're standing and we gave -- choice GMA a puppy bowl right. And I have heptathlon ends of the Alia the I would get too close then vote in the poll that somewhere and yeah yeah without a little. And you'll see it airs Sunday at 3 o'clock and Animal Planet it's it's it. It's an incredible event it promotes adoption awareness and we encourage -- -- chicken ducks it's going to be a best year ever viewed as one of ever. Com today I was too little puppy bowl please. Explain to play itself an -- adding that. Now this by the way Michael -- all the time there's going to be a huge about the legal fornication -- show. -- and -- throw the flag and -- the side. -- -- all right so yes under the whistle does get them going in the future -- -- -- already and went. But -- -- get the real. But notice that pretty good and -- something you think. -- outlook on motivating mostly offense and defense here on offense and defense simultaneously -- This visible and I didn't I think -- good I don't have an aquarium 5%. I think. -- -- -- -- -- Well yeah. We don't get -- -- -- -- -- family here what -- the problem. Enjoy that would have been a touchdown and. Yeah. Like -- steps right everybody's a winner that. For them and the group. Thank you that sometimes. Yeah so -- another I'm no longer -- -- -- yeah. -- yes adopts -- all of that anyone who wants to adopt a puppy everyone that's on set today is available for adoption from the sale project. And that interest rates set and ready to air Sunday yes and -- -- second three -- again management now lobbying lapsing into my favorite present day.

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{"id":22229149,"title":"2014 Puppy Bowl Preview","duration":"3:00","description":"Referee discusses the rules as puppies practice for the big game. ","url":"/GMA/video/2014-puppy-bowl-preview-22229149","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}