2016 Oscars: Leonardo DiCaprio and More Stars Dish on Oscar Wins

"The Revenant" star and fellow Oscar winners talk backstage with Robin Roberts.
4:49 | 02/29/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 2016 Oscars: Leonardo DiCaprio and More Stars Dish on Oscar Wins
Yes, also one of the biggest moments of the night, Leo, people are wondering, Leo Dicaprio, his first Oscar win best actor for "The revenant." Sixth Oscar nomination. Turns out the sixth time was indeed a charm and got a chance to talk to him along with two other big winners just moments after they won. And the Oscar goes to Leonardo Dicaprio. Reporter: For Leonardo Dicaprio, "The revenant" earned him the first Oscar and a reception befitting the king of the world. Thank you. Thank you. The standing owe vague, that doesn't happen all the time, Leo. You know that. What did that mean to you, your peers? I was -- I was very moved. Leo, you've worked on many fine films over the years. What was it about this one and the way you speak so pass passionately about it? We literally rehearsed for two weeks just for the opening sequence of this movie. It was so unique in its approach but more than that, it was being able to have conversations off screen about what this movie meant and seeing it with my own eyes. Reporter: "The revenant" also won an Oscar for best director, Alejandro inarritu taking home the award for the second time in a row. . . Thank you to the academy. Congratulations. Thank you very much. Very happy. Two years in a row. That hasn't happened I think since they were saying in decades to have a director win back-to-back. I know, I know. Has it ever happened? Yes, Leo, it has but not since 1950. Maybe an accident, I guess, you know what, I'm so happy and so honored. Make sure for once and forever that the quarter of a scene become as irrelevant as the length of our hair. Climate change is real and it is happening right now. It is the most urgent threat facing our entire species. Both of your speeches were just outstanding. Thank you. Climate change and to see the passion, what is the message you wanted to get out tonight? It is the most urgent crisis that we've ever faced as a civilization. We can actually tackle this problem. We just have to have the political will. They knew and they let it happen. Reporter: The film that tackled the issue of abuse in the catholic church "Spotlight" got the nod for best picture. What was it about this story? There are a lot of stories. What was it about this one. Necessity. It had to be told. A difference had to be made. We hope that this movie inspires some conversations. Brie Larson took home the Oscar for best actress for her performance in "Room." I don't believe you. You said you were jet-lagged from the red carpet. Yeah. So are you awake now as an Oscar winner? Yes, yes, I'm very awake right now. This is the craziest feeling. I don't even know what it is, what I'm feeling right now because it's never happened before. I loved how you reached back with Jacob and you kind of tapped him. I did? Yeah, you did. A house. No, a real house, not TV. Are you even listening to me? Is it true because it was such a deep subject matter, karaoke? A lot of karaoke, a lot. What's your go-to karaoke song? I won't make you sing it. I mostly like early 2000s r&b, Mariah Carey, usher, destiny's child. Those are all my go-tos and that's what I was doing. You won an Oscar, brie. You won an Oscar. I can't believe it. I really can't believe it. She was just staring at it like that. Your gift to her, you didn't make her sing. That moment with Leo was tweeted 440,000 times per minute making it the most tweeted minute from an oscars ever beating Ellen's selfie from 2014 and the internet wasn't done with Leo. After he won there was some, well, some memes started popping up. That was, of course -- These are the memes that started celebrating like a world cup champion. As king of the world. He is king of the world. His mother was backstage and actually still had the card that said he was the winner and she said she was going to keep it. I keep all his memorabilia like a mom does. Talking before the show he grew up in the shadows of here. He did. He did and he talked about how his parents would take him on auditions and really encouraged him and he was a little quirky and they just supported him and he has worked so hard but that -- that spontaneous standing ovation really got to him. Meant a lot to him. From all your peers.

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{"duration":"4:49","description":"\"The Revenant\" star and fellow Oscar winners talk backstage with Robin Roberts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"37278430","title":"2016 Oscars: Leonardo DiCaprio and More Stars Dish on Oscar Wins","url":"/GMA/video/2016-oscars-leonardo-dicaprio-stars-dish-oscar-wins-37278430"}