'20/20': Three Siblings Abandoned at Birth Find Each Other Years Later

The shocking revelation of abandonment that brought together all 3 siblings for a reunion in Los Angeles.
3:58 | 05/06/16

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Transcript for '20/20': Three Siblings Abandoned at Birth Find Each Other Years Later
Back now with that mother's day mystery and a remarkable reunion. Three siblings abandoned at birth defying the odds and finding each other years later, "20/20" anchor Elizabeth vargas is here with the story. The word found ling is the term for an abandoned baby cared for by others. We found three one left by a dumpster in an alley, another on a porch stoop and third in front of a grocery store. Their cases unconnected or so we thought. "20/20" along with a DNA detective solved this mother's day mystery. I think if it was a Saturday morning -- Reporter: Running as last-minute ear and in 1981, Joanne Hauser said she noticed a baby bag next to a dumpster. There was a baby in the bag. Reporter: No note, no identification, nothing to sell where she came from. Fast forward 34 years, that baby is all grown up. Once having my own children, you figure out what that natural true love is and I just couldn't understand how she didn't have that for me. Reporter: Desperate for any clues on the mother who abandoned her, Janet decides to search for that good samaritan who found her in the alley, Joanne houser. After finding her on Facebook, Janet has a heartfelt reunion with her in 2013. What did she say. Thank you for giving me life. Reporter: But Joanne is a dead end offering no clues about Janet's mysterious abandonment. Genealogists say her only hope is DNA and offers to help. Unless whoever abandoned them comes forward, the only other way that they can learn about their heritage is DNA. Reporter: Janet miraculously is able to find matches to both a brother and a sister she didn't know she had. Surely they must know who their mother is. No one abandons three babies or do they? I was abandoned at birth and I don't have any information about any of my family. Reporter: Along with dean hundorff Julie Hutchison reveals she was abandoned. Cece Moore says three found lings abandoned by the same mother seems unprecedented. What went through your head? I could not believe it. Reporter: 20/20 brings all three together. Dean from Wisconsin, Julie from Maryland for a reunion in los Angeles. Oh, she's so cute. Oh. Give you a hug. Reporter: It is an embrace none of them had ever dreamed of. Now all three siblings with a common cause. Just kind of opens up more questions than it does answers. Definitely. Reporter: A doorstep, a grocery store, a dumpster. Who left them there? I'm not going to let this dumpster or any other dumpster define who I am. No, she doesn't. Tonight we track down the mother who left them there and ask those questions, why. How does anyone keep three pregnancies a secret and how does anyone give birth three types alone without any help? We make a discovery in the process so shocking it leaves our three found lings rocked with betrayal. I've never done an hour like this. Safe haven laws were not really around back then. They're in existence now. If you have a baby, you can't take care of that baby for whatever reason you can leave it with authorities or a hospital questions asked. No safe haven laws then so the mother had no option if she could not take care of that. Three foundling, unheard of. National news when they were 2, David? Another shocker copping. Tuning in. We'll watch these two tonight. That's right. Doing double duty. We hang out on Friday nights together. Everybody, you want to watch "20/ "20/20:since the day I was born" tonight at 10:00, 9 oe cl:00 central. The Kentucky derby and T.J.

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{"duration":"3:58","description":"The shocking revelation of abandonment that brought together all 3 siblings for a reunion in Los Angeles.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38922966","title":"'20/20': Three Siblings Abandoned at Birth Find Each Other Years Later","url":"/GMA/video/2020-siblings-abandoned-birth-find-years-38922966"}