Nearly 30,000 Fans Flock to LEGO Expo

LEGO lovers of all ages visited the award-winning festival in Richmond, Virginia.
2:00 | 10/05/14

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Transcript for Nearly 30,000 Fans Flock to LEGO Expo
All right. We'll lighten the mood from this newscast. Time for a toy story. Legions of Lego fans united for tons of fun celebrating those colorful bricks. Sara is here to tell us all about it. You have some on the set. I'd like to say playing with legos is every child's dream but when you see these creations it's eye candy for all of us. You know what time it is. Reporter: It's Lego mania. ? hot on the heels of the Lego go movie's success nearly 0,000 Lego lovers storming Richmond, Virginia, this weekend for the award winning kids fest. Kids -- I made this. Reporter: And -- and grown-ups too getting in on all the Lego action. Check out these larger than life models of your favorite marvel superheroes. "Star wars" warriors and classic Disney princesses. There's even a map of the usa where you can put your very own creation on display. Guess what, it's the size of a basketball court. With proper training you could become a great master builder. Reporter: Meet Chris Steininger, one of only seven Lego master builders in all of north America. For Chris, Lego is all work and all play. It's not only the best job I ever had it's the most fun I ever had. It's getting paid to play. Reporter: But it's also a family affair. My father and I are both master bodybuilders. Only father/son master builder team in America. Reporter: He built this swish lightning Mcqueen model from scratch. This is cool. Reporter: Using no less than 360,000 Lego bricks. Kachow! Now that's a masterpiece. Another masterpiece, I just whipped these up real fast. I know it's hard to believe but here are a couple of my own creations. You're a michelangelo. Masterpiece was not the word that come to mind. Use your words. Your right hand. I made it and I thought it

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{"duration":"2:00","description":"LEGO lovers of all ages visited the award-winning festival in Richmond, Virginia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25974662","title":"Nearly 30,000 Fans Flock to LEGO Expo","url":"/GMA/video/30000-fans-flock-lego-expo-virginia-25974662"}