4th of July Throwback Thursday

Fans sent in their most patriotic throwback Thursday photos.
4:38 | 07/03/14

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Transcript for 4th of July Throwback Thursday
Go back Thursday since they're celebrating America's independence. We asked why not do little patriotic TVT. After mile and they send them -- our first pictures coming from -- Marines who sent us on this informal -- I love this lineup her and her sister holding him from the American flag. Pop. I love that our next one comes from David bond Wagner. The senate this picture he and his -- rocket from lady liberty have basic -- setting up of kids she. -- -- -- everybody and I didn't. -- -- go to the next picture and -- scary scene and -- -- -- out concert -- and off the boat looks so proud to be wearing the stars and stripes. And it's not -- -- about a little fireworks check out this one summer last eighteen which comes from. He sure our cash and warrants he sent us this pick of two little kids performing her patriotic sparkle or -- Let anonymous member of the -- solidarity -- well. They were like benefits and a conditioning heating and -- -- out do you an idea that maybe they didn't they didn't fire -- yeah I am a little danger area being involved but it was like the safeties -- Turkey breast with a lot of them yeah I everything -- -- -- to -- probably -- to Australia but you if I had my results I love our -- And but he did share out. Your photos with us we're so glad for that but I am without we have to share in the -- some of its nine and yeah I am I arguing the funny you -- wrapping it around yourself your post we came back from seeing my aunts and planks -- guys and dolls and my brother and I were so inspired we that we wanna be on Broadway and and so we needed had knots and that we put a bunch of crap out -- -- that grounds that it had shot and that was news I mean the best part is if you look just above that they crafted out but -- -- the top of our bunk -- good. That's why I -- You place is dangerous he did ABC I didn't but after that photo was taken actually signed a card -- that we that we may sound like playing Cardiff free seven and I find it ginger Lee. Which -- seeing that I was taking him as -- Where more than we honestly value anything at this point. And there's a close look it's funny this is actually unfortunately I yeah I only wanted to ask you need pictures I went back to eighteen I'm. -- have been dad he's adorable but that. I so I'm only one knows it but that's -- -- what you -- tradition there's a small country club in our town he. Flocked there there was a mile run he -- money in -- when -- deal for big splash contest raft races it was like every year I still think about it that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the -- it has really slowed down but it's like that we all right each other friends around -- like do you remember that you're you know didn't sound that -- perhaps and that's I want nothing. I did finish the race everyone was promised a teacher and -- got one good. One viewer winner I would participate and here's mine. Dissidents. Do you support those lions but this is what happens stilted as -- and a quick cooking show in front of my face -- knowing -- -- -- and -- matter. Make of the big -- -- yeah I did not money every bit at a frosting all over my suit. After -- may advocates and some of your hand yeah nothing's changed there's little fun that's me like five years old and punished for that extra. We are getting billions of lenders from December order. If picture I didn't get and by the way why why -- they give us props back -- like. Not a real phone what I might give them the collar is smooth. That's why I actually -- a couple of my holiday not your father's picture looks very like -- to me that that -- it was maintenance. And by the way kids these days they don't even know what that thing that is right -- I think it's a lot -- that's when their kids and what do you even know what that is you know what that is. What he's holding his -- but that picture back up -- A phone. And dial that could -- acted out. You know. It's gonna deal is gonna you're gonna -- a -- go to guy who kept out -- -- dating her son back big growth. They don't wait for all the way back like now clear what would today's version they would they like head down like -- -- like they don't they don't -- have -- have been way. And I thank you so much this year this fellow emeritus and that's just a fourth of July about ten years ago I don't this. Yeah. You call -- where the tonight.

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{"id":24411020,"title":"4th of July Throwback Thursday","duration":"4:38","description":"Fans sent in their most patriotic throwback Thursday photos.","url":"/GMA/video/4th-july-throwback-thursday-24411020","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}