Mystery Diner in Utah Leaves $5K Tip

A man in Ogden has piqued interest with his extremely generous tips.
2:07 | 08/27/13

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Transcript for Mystery Diner in Utah Leaves $5K Tip
Moving on to a mystery on tap this morning. Who is leaving generous tips at restaurants and pubs around utah? We're talking very generous tips, like thousands of dollars. It has a lot of people curious. There's a mystery brewing in ogden, utah. It started here at bruschi's, where someone left a $5,000 tip on a $214 tab friday. The next night, the tipper showed up at alleged. Trying to pay his tab and leave a monster tip on the bar's tableside ipad. He said this is not letting me leave a good tip. What do you mean? I want to tip $1,000. And the bartender said, let me get my manager. Reporter: A tip so large, the manager was certain it was a mistake. I wanted to stress the fact that he did, indeed, want to leave this tip. And he did. He was adamant about it. He was very polite. Reporter: The waitress cried tears of joy. Both bars know the tipper's identity but are keeping it a secret. And it's more than just a random act of kindness. The tipper tipped $1,000 to a lady running a beer cart at a golf course. That type of thing. Reporter: And back in may, another mystery diner left $1,000 for his waitress, after she mentioned she dreamed of seeing italy. Taylor swift got generous recently, leaving $500 after dining at ralph's italian restaurant in philadelphia. But in utah, rumors swirl about that 2,000% tipper. Even richard branson, who was reportedly in the area, has been mentioned as the possible patron who left everyone saying cheers. They were all really excited. And everyone was a little bewildered and just laughing like couldn't believe it. It was a positive thing. Reporter: Everybody hoping that big spender will strike again. If you have any tips on who it could be, let us know. Follow that lead. Get some weather, now, sam.

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{"id":20078840,"title":"Mystery Diner in Utah Leaves $5K Tip","duration":"2:07","description":"A man in Ogden has piqued interest with his extremely generous tips.","url":"/GMA/video/5000-tip-left-mystery-diner-utah-20078840","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}