7/10/1985: Consumers Say No to 'New Coke'

Coca-Cola returned to its 99-year-old formula after the sweeter reformulation of Coke failed to catch on with consumers.
2:49 | 10/09/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 7/10/1985: Consumers Say No to 'New Coke'
Wrong need easy this is world news tonight with Peter Jennings. Good evening there is likely no other country in the world were an evening broadcast such as this would begin with the news that a popular soft drink was going to reintroduce its original formula. But this is America and Coca-Cola is part of Americana. This is a story of big business enormous advertising. And a company that found at the hard way if it ain't broke don't fix it. Neil Coke is coming back here's Rebecca chase. According to the Coca-Cola company the New Coke will still be its flagship brand. But the old Coke with the original formula and original case will be made available on revenue name Coca-Cola. Clash. With the Coke is responding to the outcry. An awful lot of people who were saying. We really want our old friend back. And Coke is putting in fact with a yen were overcoat on. Last April Coca-Cola launched its New Coke with a promotional bang. And claims that taste test showed consumers preferred the sweeter taste the New Coke is done well in some areas with may sales up 8%. Double the normal monthly increase. It is. Say today's drink for all of that moment. And that's what company executives were sane until today when a press release was issued. To say that tomorrow the company will officially announced that the old Coke is coming back. The statement released by Coca-Cola today says the company is taking this action because of what it's been hearing from Coke drinkers over the last two months. And by all accounts it's Ben and fearful. All across the nation people have been saying note to the New Coke. In Seattle they formed the old Coke drinkers of America and received 60000 calls of support. Coca-Cola set up its own consumer hotline and says it received hundreds of thousands of calls. Mostly people said the New Coke just wasn't the real thing. Very disappointed I think we've lost the American tradition. It can't happen bad that you need when you wanna cut out. Coca-Cola denies that changing the 99 year old formula was a mistake to begin with but that's not how rival Pepsi cola sees it. It's clear that consumers don't like the taste of the new formula isn't a particularly good formula. As far soft drinks go in so I wouldn't be surprised to see then move into. Returning somehow feel formula in fact there and he was surprised me this is taken in this off. The Coca-Cola company originally had no plans to return to the old Coke. But after the enormous outcry from consumers and attention from the media senior executives say they saw an opportunity for everybody to win. Above all Coca-Cola. Rebecca chase ABC news Atlanta.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"Coca-Cola returned to its 99-year-old formula after the sweeter reformulation of Coke failed to catch on with consumers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34374034","title":"7/10/1985: Consumers Say No to 'New Coke'","url":"/GMA/video/7101985-consumers-coke-34374034"}