Boy, 12, During Home Invasion: 'They're in Here'

Deion Murdock called 911 when he heard people trying to break into his home.
2:13 | 08/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Boy, 12, During Home Invasion: 'They're in Here'
To that gripping 911 call. We heard a 12-year-old boy keep his cool and help police catch two burglars who broke into his house and gio benitez has the real "home alone" story. Reporter: Deion murdock was home alone when he heard two strangers outside. The quick-thinking boy picked up the phone. 911, where's the emergency. Two came into my house. This he just broke the window. What room are you in? In my mother's room right thought. Reporter: This dispatcher on this recording tells deion to go into the closet of his port arthur, texas, home. His mom wasn't there. He had no one at the residence. It was just he and i. I'm going to have to whisper now because I think they are coming in. They are, they are. They're inside the room now. They're inside the bedroom where he's at. Reporter: La tonya james, is the calm supportive voice deion heard on tuesday. He started to cry and whimper and it was at that point that the suspects were in his mom's bedroom. He was in the closet. So at that point, I just tried to calm him down. You there? Deion? . Just stay there. The officers think they're going to catch the guy. Reporter: Police say they arrived? Us in time and spotted these men running from the house all with deion still hiding in that closet. So is the police officer outside the house? Yeah, but stay inside the closet. Because they're trying to find the bad guys, okay? So I had to keep him calm in order to get the information and provide it to the officers. You're doing good. You're doing real good. Doing perfect. Your mom's going to be so proud of you. This is actually the only thing I could think of. Well, you thought well. You thought well. You're a very, very smart young man and you did a good thing. Deion was safe and the suspects were caught, so you can't ask for much more than that. Reporter: That loving dispatcher. And deion's mom said she had left the house because she was out looking for a new home and, george, this morning, both suspects are mind bars. Ended the right way, you're right, that dispatcher so loving, so cool, so warm. And the boy, for 12 years old, all right.

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{"id":20067814,"title":"Boy, 12, During Home Invasion: 'They're in Here'","duration":"2:13","description":"Deion Murdock called 911 when he heard people trying to break into his home.","url":"/GMA/video/911-call-florida-boy-12-home-invasion-theyre-20067814","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}