911 Call Saved Girl From Being Stabbed to Death

Court documents show that the girls believed they might become agents for a fictional online character by killing their friend.
4:52 | 06/04/14

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Transcript for 911 Call Saved Girl From Being Stabbed to Death
Looking forward to that. And this story has taken everybody's breath away. The shocking case of the two 12-year-old Wisconsin girls, accused of luring a friend into the woods, trying to kill her. This morning, we're hearing the 911 call of the man who found her, saving her life. ABC's Ryan smith is here with much more on all this. Reporter: Good morning, robin. The waukesha county D.A. Said he had never seen a case like this before. And we learning more about the man whose quick thinking helped save a child's life. She says she she's having trouble breathing. She said she was stabbed multiple times. Reporter: A newly released 911 call shows how a passerby helped save the life of a 1-year-old, on the morning two friends allegedly stabbed her 19 times. She's laying on the grass. Reporter: The pair allegedly lured their victim into the woods and left her for dead. A passing bicyclist spotted the bleeding girl after she crawled out of the woods. Is there any bleeding going on? Her clothing has blood on it. Reporter: The good samaritan calmly assured her, while the squad car arrived. If the allegations are true, this was plotted and schemed for some time. And it's a brutal act. Reporter: New details emerging about the possible motive of the stabbing. According to court documents, Morgan geyser and Annise wire, charged with first-degree homicide, believed they would become agents for a fiction nal internet character called slender man. And wire believing in the fantasy so deeply and thinking she would never go home, she packed a picture of her family in her backpack so she wouldn't forget them. And when describing the ill killing to police, she said, quote, the bad part of me wanted her to die. The good part of me wanted her to live. Geyser's lawyer says his client may have mental health issues and shouldn't be tried as an adult. To say it's every parent's worth nightmare is a cliche. But it is. Reporter: Geyser's family breaking down. And this morning, speaking out. Saying in a statement, quote, we wish to express our deepest sympathies and extend our heartfelt prayers to the victim and her family. But adding, we have been overwhelmed with anguish. Reporter: In Wisconsin, attempted homicide charges must be filed in adult court if the suspects are at least 10. And geyser's lawyer hopes to move it to juvenile court. But if they're tried as adults and convicted, they could each face 65 years behind bars. Robin? Ryan, thank you. And Dan Abrams is going to pick it up from what Ryan was just say right there. What's the possible defense here? The first thing they want to do is try to move this to juvenile court. That's an enormous difference between being in adult court and juvenile court. And the legal standard to move it to juvenile court is kind of swi squishy. It's up to the judge. Is this case more appropriate to be in a juvenile court than an adult court. But as Ryan points out, it's very interesting, in the state of Wisconsin, if you're at least 10 and you're charged with murder or attempted murder, as the case here, you're presumed to be in adult court. Now, the burden is on the children. On the two 12-year-olds to move that this case ought to be in juvenile court. That's going to be the first and probably the biggest legal fight in this case. That's going to be a fight, like you said right there. The fact that they claim that they were trying to please a fictional character, how will that play in? We could see an insanity defense, particularly if this stays in adult court. In the state of Wisconsin, the standard is do you appreciate the criminality of what you did? And you could see the defense attorneys not just talking about what was going on in their minds. But how old they were. And this is where their age could actually be used to their advantage, even in an adult court, by saying the legal standard is, did they appreciate the criminality? Well, no. And certainly no because they were just 12 years old. So, you could see a possible insanity defense here. And we've also heard from one of the lawyers saying, he believes that his client is not competent. Maybe mental issues here. That's right. Separate issues, right? Insanity relates to the question of what was your mindset at the time of the crime? Whether you're competent to stand trial means today, right now. Are you able to, for example, assist in your defense? That would be a separate sort of proceeding to determine can we even move forward? But it's very unlikely, I think, that a judge would say that they're not competent to stand trial. Thankfully, she is recovering. And that 911 call, that gentleman who made that call. The whole story is so heartbreaking. Thanks so much.

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"Court documents show that the girls believed they might become agents for a fictional online character by killing their friend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23987460","title":"911 Call Saved Girl From Being Stabbed to Death","url":"/GMA/video/911-call-saved-girl-stabbed-death-23987460"}