911 Dispatcher Pleads With Nurse Who Refuses to Perform CPR

Facilities' policies prevented nurses from trying life saving care on elderly woman.
2:29 | 03/03/13

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Transcript for 911 Dispatcher Pleads With Nurse Who Refuses to Perform CPR
going to go to the shocking 911 call. A dispatcher pleading with nursing home staffer who says she won't perform cpr on a patient in trouble. So why didn't she come to the elderly woman's aid? Ron has this incredible story. Bulgari, it really is dramatic and it is shocking. It began when an elder ry resident began having trouble breathing. A nurse at the facility called 911. But when the 911 operator told her to perform resuscitation until paramedics could revive the nurse respond that the facility had strict rules that do not allow that and she was not going to violate them. Fire department, what's the address of your emergency please. Reporter: What started as a routine emergency call turned into an intense ethical battle. They're refusing cpr. They're going to let her die. Reporter: Lorraine bayless collapsed in the dining room of a retirement center and nursing home. The 911 dispatcher tried to give instructions to the caller about how to perform cpr, but the nurse at the facility said it was against facility policy for the staff to do that. It's a human being. Is there anybody that's willing to help this lady and not let her die? Not at this time. No, they won't touch her at all. Reporter: The dispatcher pleads with the nurse repeatedly asking about there was anyone who would perform cpr if the nurse would not? Anybody there can do cpr. Give them the phone, please. I understand if your facility is not willing to do that. Give the phone to that passerby, that stranger. This woman is not breathing enough. She's going to die if we don't get this started. Reporter: With every passing second bayless' chances of sur skriefal are diminish and her tone turns desperate. Is there a gardner or flag someone downen 0 the street and get them to help the lady. Reporter: Bayless was pronounced dead at the hospital. And glenwood gardens released this "in the event of a health emergency at this independent living community our practice is to immediately call emergency medical personnel for assistance and to wait with the individual 23450eding attention until such personnel arrives. That is the protocol we followed." But some critics are arguing there are state and federal obligations that the facility did not follow. Many lawsuits and even criminal charges could follow. Now, what is not clear yet is whether that cpr could have saved the life of the elderly woman. The nursing home did say while its personnel followed standard protocol it would launch an internal investigation into this matter. Very sad story. It really is. Thanks, ron. Now to the website that's

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{"id":18640828,"title":"911 Dispatcher Pleads With Nurse Who Refuses to Perform CPR","duration":"2:29","description":"Facilities' policies prevented nurses from trying life saving care on elderly woman.","url":"/GMA/video/911-dispatcher-pleads-nurse-refuses-perform-cpr-18640828","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}