#America Favorite Foods: George's Favorite Donuts

George Stephanopoulos reveals the Long Island location that serves a tasty and unique donut.
3:02 | 07/10/13

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Transcript for #America Favorite Foods: George's Favorite Donuts
All month long we're celebrating all things American. That we have common during the summer this week showing her favorite summer treat we had Robin shrimp po boys from past Christiane there as far -- pizza yeah. -- -- -- -- Pleasure to share my -- Some of the finest dogs that remained sound -- -- Arizona say that is I waited in line with the doughnuts we'll have a -- -- music great is also on. He's that matters -- Together. Well yeah. -- -- while there's more news after they have not happened. Let's -- -- oh yeah you're probably. Okay. Fresh -- from treason. -- Summertime is -- time. But before my family -- the surf we fuel -- reasons Davis donuts. It's been a fixture in East Hampton New York since 1920. Started out as a butcher shop then. Desserts but it's -- -- that happen every. Their biggest sellers of -- -- rolled in cinnamon -- powdered sugar. Everyone has a personal thing I like. The -- -- My younger daughter harper agrees. He joins me in her pajamas for the -- -- town -- we sit on the bench just outside the shop with our dollars plus -- from -- OJ for her. -- -- -- we watched the town come alive. Every summer those two reasons sells about 3000. Dollars that's -- it couldn't happen without that secret weapon in the front window. The don't have robot we'd make -- batter before it -- top in the machine is time. It drop it down. Educate the -- dropped back down and the machine produces 600 dollars an hour each one takes just ninety seconds to make. It's machine you keep calling it doesn't need a coffee break and -- -- -- -- -- There's food in about a fresh -- -- it is -- -- remind one that's been sitting around for awhile. And some calories -- are just weren't worth fascinating -- and this is exactly and the life I ever heard us also quiet. During that these turkeys are great and good -- machines something -- -- -- it was a nice thing to watch it shows you that American technology is working for us. -- -- -- -- -- -- America and London. Did they haven't vegetables later yeah. Okay for now -- -- But I think moved from their visit they replaced -- -- which is your favorite son respond to Good Morning America dot com and Yahoo!. Ever beach water park hiking trail in any place you really love. -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"3:02","description":"George Stephanopoulos reveals the Long Island location that serves a tasty and unique donut.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19626639","title":"#America Favorite Foods: George's Favorite Donuts","url":"/GMA/video/america-favorite-foods-georges-favorite-donuts-dreesons-19626639"}