Alleged Accomplice Says Hernandez Pulled Trigger

New evidence is released in the murder case against former NFL star Aaron Hernandez.
2:22 | 07/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alleged Accomplice Says Hernandez Pulled Trigger
On renewing the patriot Aaron Hernandez new court documents obtained by ABC news point the finger right at Hernandez. And ABC's -- Deedee Roy is here relates on this fast moving -- good morning indeed. Good morning George fast moving and a lot of new information. ABC news has obtained a search warrant from Florida tight to one of Hernandez's alleged accomplices. Which includes what may be the most damning piece of evidence against the former New England Patriots. An alleged confession -- Hernandez. -- Hernandez any documents obtained by ABC -- not only implicate Hernandez in the murder of -- Lloyd. But say he told -- of his alleged accomplices he pulled the trigger. That man allegedly told another accomplice who told police saying quote Hernandez admitted to shooting mr. Lloyd. This morning they're also seeing still frames allegedly taken from surveillance cameras inside the former New England Patriots home. Police say the video it's reported moments after Lloyd was shot. The man -- the light -- it's -- -- appears to be Hernandez he can be seen entering the basement of his home with two other men in the Orlando. -- -- The surveillance is shut -- Prosecutors say Hernandez tried to destroy the footage but failed he has pleaded not guilty to charges he gunned down Lloyd a semi pro football player in an industrial park less than a mile from his home. In the early morning hours of June 17. In more than 150 pages of court records unsealed Tuesday in Massachusetts police -- first talked to Hernandez described him as argumentative. Slamming the door and asking quote. What's with all the questions. They say when they told the 23 year old they were investigating a death he seemed unconcerned. The prosecution is gonna say that his refusal to work with the police is evidence of -- That -- -- say that an innocent man was very indignant and he reacted the way it did because he's innocent didn't want to be treated like. Criminal search warrants also -- the extent to the investigation. Police searched Hernandez's home car even his locker at the stadium where the patriots play. All in pursuit of evidence that. And -- 150 pages of documents the one piece of evidence that police apparently do not have. The murder weapon Hernandez's lawyer says all of the evidence is circumstantial his next court date is July 24 -- Okay thanks very much relays when wasn't needed some -- good to see.

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{"id":19624897,"title":"Alleged Accomplice Says Hernandez Pulled Trigger ","duration":"2:22","description":"New evidence is released in the murder case against former NFL star Aaron Hernandez.","url":"/GMA/video/aaron-hernandez-arrested-murder-charges-alleged-accomplice-nfl-19624897","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}