Aaron Hernandez Investigated in 2012 Double Homicide

Football player, already in jail on murder charges, is being investigated for a drive-by shooting.
4:20 | 06/28/13

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Transcript for Aaron Hernandez Investigated in 2012 Double Homicide
latest on former new england patriots tight end, aaron hernandez. Still rehibehind this morning. His the request for bail was denied. And john schriffen in dartmouth, massachusetts, with the latest. Reporter: Aaron hernandez is officially an inmate, waking up for the second morning here, inside this medium-security facility, where he is expected to remain until his next court APPEARANCE ON JULY 24th. This, as a brand-new investigation has been launched into his possible involvement into two other murders last year. This morning, boston police began searching aaron hernandez's million-dollar home. Although they would not say why. Abc news has learned hernandez is being investigated in connection with a double-homicide that happened in last july. A drive-by shooting that left two men dead outside a boston nightclub. And attleboro, massachusetts, officials say they're looking for this man, ernest wallace, in connection with the ongoing murder investigation, in which hernandez has already been charged, the murder of odin lloyd. Wallace is said to be armed and dangerous. Hernandez, the former new england patriot, is waking up here, in a seven-by-ten-foot cell, where he will await to stand trial for what prosecutors saul the elaborate execution-style murder of odin lloyd, a 27-year-old semi-pro football player. Hernandez has pled not guilty. Overnight, in an interview with abc news, lloyd's sister says her family's focus is on remembering her brother. And did not want to talk about hernandez or the investigation. It's confusing. I don't think there's anything that any man can do to have their life taken away. There's no way to escape the harsh reality that's going on right now. Reporter: On thursday, hernandez's lawyer requested bail for a second time. But again, the judge denied that. I'm going to deny the defense petition. Reporter: Hernandez camp suggesting his high profile is leading to special treatment. Arrested at his house. Arrested in front of his fiancee and baby. Reporter: Prosecutors introducing four, new pieces in court on thursday. Including ammunition registered in his name, the same kind found at the murder scene. After spending time with the victim's family overnight, it cease clear their focus is having a positive sendoff for lloyd. His funeral, scheduled for tomorrow. We're going to turn to a former colleague of mine, a friend of mine, adam schefter. A lot of people wondering now, adam, there seem to have been so many red flags with aaron hernandez. How did he get drafted? How did he become a member of the team and stay with that team, leading what looks like now a double-life? This is what I was told from the patriots. This is a guy that had a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. All along, they knew the devil could win out. The angel did not win. And they wondered and feared he could do something bad. They never thought he could do something this bad. This is something that's unimaginable that he's accused of doingnow. And the devil has won out. The patriots, as tight-lipped a team as an organization as ll see in the sport. It was moments after he was arrested that he was cut, as the team severed tied. He spoke to them last week. He led them to believe that he was not involved. Much how michael vick led the atlanta falcons to he was involved in what he was accused of doing with dogs. Ty planned for the idea and day that if he got arrested, they would have to part ways. Exactly what happened when they pressed charges the other day. When police took him away in handcuffs, that cut the ties. Leaving tens of millions of dollars on the table. How big a fall? One of the most stunning falls from grace in sports history. Somebody at the top of his profession, who now is facing a life behind bars.

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"Football player, already in jail on murder charges, is being investigated for a drive-by shooting.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19518175","title":"Aaron Hernandez Investigated in 2012 Double Homicide","url":"/GMA/video/aaron-hernandez-arrested-murder-charges-patriots-star-investigated-19518175"}