Hernandez Allegedly Suffered Psychiatric Symptoms from PCP Use

Rolling Stone article describes the former football star and murder suspect's alleged drug use.
2:15 | 08/29/13

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Transcript for Hernandez Allegedly Suffered Psychiatric Symptoms from PCP Use
new revelations about former nfl star, aaron hernandez. A new report is making shocking accusations. Allegations of drug use and paranoia. But perhaps the most explosive charge involves his former coach, bill belichick, considered one of the best in the nfl. Abc's linsey davis has the story. Reporter: In a new issue of "rolling stone" magazine out friday, explosive allegations on former new england patriots star, aaron hernandez, now accused of murder. In the article, titled "the gangster in the huddle," "rolling stone" relays allegations by family friends, that hernandez used angel dust, formerly known as pcp. The magazine is reporting that the tight end had grown paranoid, carrying a gun at all times. His angel dust use began in ernest some time last summer. He had been using fairly heavily. And he had really begun to develop some psychiatric symptoms. Reporter: In a july press conference, patriots' coach bill belichick, said that hernandez's arrest was the first he heard of hernandez's troubles with the law. I was shocked about what we learned. Reporter: But rolling stone reports that he took his fears that someone wanted him dead straight to belichick. Hernandez believed his life was in danger. And according to my source, told belichick that attempts on his life had been made. Reporter: But espn's adam scheckter says, it's unlikely they were aware of the extent of substance abuse as in "rolling stone." They never would have kept him around. They never would have given him a contract extension. Reporter: We reached out to hernandez's lawyers and the new england patriots. Both replied no comment on the "rolling stone" article. One part of the article attempts to trace hernandez's so-called life of violence, back to his days of a 16-year-old, when his father and exconvict, and the guiding force of his life, suddenly died. Excellent read. We're going to turn to

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{"id":20104267,"title":"Hernandez Allegedly Suffered Psychiatric Symptoms from PCP Use","duration":"2:15","description":"Rolling Stone article describes the former football star and murder suspect's alleged drug use.","url":"/GMA/video/aaron-hernandez-possibly-angel-dust-allegedly-suffered-psychiatric-20104267","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}