ABC Helps Veterans Come 'Home for the Holidays'

"GMA" premieres five films made by U.S. vets with dreams of working in the entertainment industry.
3:10 | 11/18/13

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Transcript for ABC Helps Veterans Come 'Home for the Holidays'
Now to the big abc event. It's called home for the holidays. I recently had a chance to be in afghanistan where I met soldiers separated from their families and witnessed the understandably emotional reunions here at home. We're turning to veterans looking to make new lives here at home. Disney is sponsoring heroes work here. We're premiering short films made by five talented u.S. Veterans. With dreams of careers in the entertainment industry. Given some professional mentoring as well. All of the films are about vets returning home for the holidays. Like this one. It's called the letter. It's the story of one little girl. Upset with santa because she hasn't gotten what she's asked for over the years. Dear santa, I know you are busy. I need to talk to you. Reporter: Now the one thing she really wants. To have her mom home from deployment in afghanistan. This year, the only thing i want is for my mommy to be home for christmas. Reporter: Behind her steadfast belief that santa will make her dream come true is the story of an entirely different dream come true. That of army captain rebecca merga after several tours in afghanistan and iraq, the 35-year-old wanted to pursue her passion, filmmaking. She submitted a script to the home for the holidays initiative. An opportunity for five veterans to direct their own hollywood stories. She learned that her script had been chosen -- I started jumping up and down. It's awesome. Who gets this opportunity. Reporter: Just like that, she was on an stul set. Stop to look. Reporter: With actors to direct and the full abc production team to lead. I sat in the chair. I'm like, it's really happening. Reporter: She had the help of a mentor. Jeanine renshaw. The story she chose to portray was not her story. It was empathy. If I could give people a chance to reflect on what soldiers go through, then I've done my job as a film maker. Reporter: H finished product is a beautiful ode to the spirit of the holiday. With an ending I won't spoil. It's simply remarkable. I just started tearing up. Something about. It's really moving. This was something I always wanted. Always wanted. And -- to actually be able to do it was -- awesome. Was and is awesome. Can't wait to see the end. You have to logon to abc.Com. You can see "the letter" and four other films online. And that song right now, "celebrate me home" by lady antebellum, written for this initiative. Time for a final check of that severe weather that has rolled through so much of the

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{"id":20923349,"title":"ABC Helps Veterans Come 'Home for the Holidays'","duration":"3:10","description":"\"GMA\" premieres five films made by U.S. vets with dreams of working in the entertainment industry.","url":"/GMA/video/abc-helps-veterans-home-holidays-20923349","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}