ABC News Fixer Helps Save Home

Brian Ross and The ABC News Fixer investigate alleged mortgage rip-off
2:31 | 09/04/13

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Transcript for ABC News Fixer Helps Save Home
Bob woodward, thank you. Now, to a major consumer warning. American homeowners say they have been cheated out at least $83 million by companies that promise to help them lower their monthly mortgage payments. As abc's brian ross reports, not only have consumers lost the big fees they paid, but now, many risk losing their homes. Reporter: Thousands of homeowners have been put at risk, including the woman who lives in this house in poughkeepsie, new york. How are you? I'm stephanie. Reporter: Ingrid contacted abc news. And the abc news fixer, stephanie zimmermann. Desperate for help, saving the house where she raised her two boys. And it's been wonderful. So, I don't want to lose it. Reporter: She showed us her documents and described how a firm called the rma legal network offered to help her get her month live mortgage payments lowered for a fee of $2,800. You went out and borrowed the money. Yeah. Reporter: To pay them? Yep. Reporter: But incredibly, she says the rma legal network told her to stop making mortgage payments to bank of america. That's what they said. You need to stop making payments. Reporter: It wasn't long before bank of america sent her a foreclosure notice. And the rma legal network, supposedly at this office in california, turned off its phone. You have reached a number that's been disconnected or is no longer in service. The rma stands for roar yi michael alarcon, a lawyer we tracked down in new york, who set up the business and is now accused of doing the same thing to hundreds of homeowners across the country. He does not provide the services he promises to provide. And we believe that that's part of the loan scam behavior. Reporter: Alarcon was not happy when we showed up to talk to him. I would prefer -- I can't talk to you. Reporter: Why can't you talk about it? I don't have permission -- Reporter: Alarcon says his associates not him are to blame. But he stopped operating in new york. And is now under investigation in at least four other states for the way he ran his mortgage modification business. Are you ashamed of what you've done at all, sir? Any shame on your part? And as for ingrid, you'll see on "the lookout," how the abc news fixer helped her stay in her home and helped her bring down her mortgage payments. She's there for everybody. Indeed. Thanks, brian. Now, to a story about a family in florida whose love of diving for sunk treasure has

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{"id":20151343,"title":"ABC News Fixer Helps Save Home","duration":"2:31","description":"Brian Ross and The ABC News Fixer investigate alleged mortgage rip-off","url":"/GMA/video/abc-news-fixer-helps-save-home-investigate-alleged-20151343","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}