ABC News' Ginger Zee Discusses Her Epic Vietnam Journey

Utilizing drone cameras, deep in the jungle, Zee revealed a hidden world.
3:30 | 05/13/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ABC News' Ginger Zee Discusses Her Epic Vietnam Journey
Ginger revealing that remarkable hidden world. She did it moments ago live unveiling it with drone cameras deep in the jungle so, ginger, we want to head back out to you. How are you doing? We know you're an adventurer but you got to be sore from all that hiking. I couldn't have known what I was getting into here but I'm so grateful I had an awesome team around me, the ABC team that got us out of here. I don't even understand how the engineering work but they do. Dji, Romeo durscher and Ferdinand wolf, awesome pilots obviously giving us those images and our adventure tour group so concerned about sustainability it's really inspiring. I know you're concerned about that. Also concerned when you left here, you knew you weren't going to be shower for a few days, but is everything working out? I'm okay right now. But it is not good. I'm going to need to get home soon. We have a couple of ponds, one that's cold. One that's lukewarm and we can wash ourselves in there. It's been rough. So worth it. Ginger, I I understand that there are fossils down there over 400 million years old. What else can you tell us has been discovered down there? You know, they bring scientists down here, only a few so far and said as they bring them down they find something new every time an expert gets down here. Already seven new species of new animals and know there's new plants to be found including those fossils. Really exciting science-wise. We said yesterday there's no map of the trek so how do scientists know where to go? Well, that's the thing. We've got two English explorers that were the first explorers. They're the ones we went with and only ones that really have the right idea to go through this thing. That's just one path. Remember, there are little caverns that go off the main cave. The largest cave in the world, you got this, could take another couple of decades before we fully understand what's in there. Tell us more about the crew. You were telling us earlier but there are people -- I want to call them locals but there's nothing local around there but the people you have helping you out. Yeah, this is the best part. So, you know, even the guy behind the camera, Chris, he has had to do the trek too so he couldn't carry and lug his huge 0-pound camera around so he had help from local villagers that have now turned to the sustainable tourism to make money. It's really, really inspiring because -- and the Vietnam government loves it because they say, you know, this is great for all these people who are just trying to live off the land. Now this is a whole new industry they'll be able to get into. 60 people have been carrying all our stuff. It's so heavy. They're so protective of it because there is so much to be learned from it and there is, as we've said, nothing in the world like it. What a treat. What a great job. Get home safe, ginger. Tell everybody thank you for -- we feel like we're there with you. Wonderful how you did this and everyone had a warm bath is waiting for you, my friend. Thank you so much. I'll be home showered soon. All right.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"Utilizing drone cameras, deep in the jungle, Zee revealed a hidden world.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31000043","title":"ABC News' Ginger Zee Discusses Her Epic Vietnam Journey","url":"/GMA/video/abc-news-ginger-zee-discusses-epic-vietnam-journey-31000043"}