Abducted Teen's Father 'Expecting a Safe Return'

14-Year-Old Ayvani Perez was abducted by two armed men during a home invasion robbery.
1:55 | 09/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Abducted Teen's Father 'Expecting a Safe Return'
Now, to a desperate search for a missing teenage girl. A 14-year-old abducted from her own home by two, armed men. Her mother, right there, powerless to stop them. Now, reports that someone was asking the family for ransom. Something the police deny. Abc's steve osunsami has the story. We're praying for a safe return. Reporter: Friends and classmates of 14-year-old ayvani perez crowded her high school's front steps tuesday night, praying these unharmed and begging the two men in these police drawings to bring her back. Give her back. You got what you wanted, obviously. They have no money. Reporter: Savanna thornton has known perez most of her life and could not stop crying. You miss her? Police say early tuesday morning, two armed men broke in through the back door of her home, looking for jewelry and money. The two men shot their dog and took the 14-year-old and ran. This morning, police are frantic, putting helicopters in the air and stopping cars. They're looking for a gray dodge. And that's about all they have. They say the teen was last wearing blue and gray pajama bott bottoms. And what they call a blue and gray superhero t-shirt. The family had just moved to the neighborhood a month ago. Police say they don't believe they had any connection to their attackers. The neighbors here are stunned. And have already set up facebook pages, hoping they bring her home safe. I hurt for that child. I hurt for the parents. And the child must be frightened to be with strangers and have been taken from her home. Reporter: The fbi is here. School officials have sent grief counselors to the teen's high school. And everyone here, robin, waits nervously. Everybody's out there looking for her. We're going to switch gears now.

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{"id":20289779,"title":"Abducted Teen's Father 'Expecting a Safe Return'","duration":"1:55","description":"14-Year-Old Ayvani Perez was abducted by two armed men during a home invasion robbery.","url":"/GMA/video/abducted-teens-father-expecting-safe-return-20289779","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}