Hugh Jackman on Nerves Surrounding Oscar Nomination

"Les Miserables" star chats about the Academy Awards while filming a new movie in Atlanta.
3:05 | 02/14/13

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Transcript for Hugh Jackman on Nerves Surrounding Oscar Nomination
I love the oscars. I loved it as a kid. Hosting and I love it. I enjoy it. The great thing about being a nominee, you get a pretty good seat. If I'm up in the mezzanine, there's a very good chance i won't be winning. Reporter: No mezzanine for hugh, who has been front and center for the part of jean valjean in "les mis." Sometimes it's hard to get into character. Getting to play him is something I'll never forget. Reporter: He'll also likely never forget the 30-pound weight loss he endured for the role. My trainer is a crazy guy. He said, if you don't drink any water, any liquids for 36 hours before the first day of shooting, you're going to lose all this water weight. So, I did that. And lost a lot of weight. Reporter: The much talked about live singing the actors did if "les mis," also meant a grueling vocal regimen, for this seasoned vocalist. We had music in our ears, with a live pianist playing. It was a bunch of actors going -- they're doing all this crazy stuff. ♪ An eye for an eye ♪ this was not a party set. Even though russell crowe was in the cast. And he did have a few parties. Reporter: What advice does this former oscar host, now best actor nominee have for seth MacFARLANE? The best advice I got was from steve martin. He said, the first 45 minutes is the best audience you'll ever have in your life because in that room, everybody is way more nervous than you. He says, from that moment on, after 45 minutes, the room is filled with losers, not winners. So, just get to the end. Hurry up. Nothing you do is going to be funny. I pretty much took that advice. Reporter: Jackman doesn't miss being tongue-tied, meeting his fellow nominees. I declare these people emancipated. I blurted out, it's great to I THINK BRANDO, IN THE '50s. Then, de niro. And obviously meryl streep. And I think daniel day-lewis, not only are the great actors of their time, but actually changed acting. Reporter: The oscars are also a celebration of fashion. So, what will he and his wife, deb, be wearing on the big night? We're the tom ford couple. And she knows what it is. But of course, she will only unveil it on the day. Nice try. Yeah. You have to try. They'll look great. A and hugh said he based his portrayal on his father. Great job. You can see all of the oscars right here, abc news, sunday, FEBRUARY 24th, STARTING AT 7:00 Eastern, 4:00 pacific.

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{"id":18500932,"title":"Hugh Jackman on Nerves Surrounding Oscar Nomination","duration":"3:05","description":"\"Les Miserables\" star chats about the Academy Awards while filming a new movie in Atlanta.","url":"/GMA/video/academy-awards-2013-hugh-jackman-nerves-surrounding-oscar-18500932","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}