Active Terror Investigation Leads to Deadly Confrontation in Boston

Ussama Rahm was under surveillance for statements he made through social media.
3:22 | 06/03/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Active Terror Investigation Leads to Deadly Confrontation in Boston
But we begin with that growing threat from Isis in the homeland. That new arrest made overnight after that deadly shooting outside Boston, police and FBI working together to take down a suspect threatening them. ABC's Tom llamas in Boston with the latest for us. Good morning, Tom. Reporter: Robin, good morning. The call from Isis to attack uniformed police officers in America has apparently reached Boston, but authorities caught up to two men who allegedly wanted to answer that call. One dead. The other set to appear in court this morning. This morning, the FBI and Boston police actively working an Isis terror-related investigation that Tuesday led to a deadly confrontation in this CVS parking lot. Usaama Rahim allegedly lunging at a police officer. Gave commands to him to drop the weapons. Unfortunately came after the officers. Unfortunately, they had to take a life. Reporter: Law enforcement sources telling ABC news that Rahim made statements indicating that he wanted to attack uniformed police officers. Rahim had been under 4-hour surveillance by the joint terrorism task force. The level of evidence brought us to question him. Reporter: When officers shot his brother, Rahim was on his way to work, his brother claims. Police also arresting this man in nearby Everett, sources tell us his name is David Wright, he also expressed an interest in taking up the Isis call to attack police. And Wright will be in federal court later this morning when he will be formally charged. Let's bring in Pierre Thomas, appears to be ramping up the response to these potential threats. Today the FBI is looking closely at the Boston suspect's associates and begin dissecting every aspect of his life. The Boston confrontation is reflect oif afteren ultra-aggressive threat. The FBI has identified in recent weeks. In some cases, the FBI is contacting suspects to let them know they're being watched or arresting them on lesser charges that could be made immediately. The FBI says it has identified hundreds of Isis similar thesers here at home. Pierre, in Washington, congress passing and president signing a reinstatement of the patriot act. With some changes. What's the big change? Exactly the real difference here is that the NSA will no longer be keeping these bulk telephone records, the telephone companies will. If they want access they'll have to get a warrant to review. We'll have to see, George. We'll be watching, Pierre. Now to those two extreme weather threats, they're on high alert for tornadoes in Denver and a major hurricane is

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{"duration":"3:22","description":"Ussama Rahm was under surveillance for statements he made through social media.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31490732","title":"Active Terror Investigation Leads to Deadly Confrontation in Boston","url":"/GMA/video/active-terror-investigation-leads-deadly-confrontation-boston-31490732"}