Actor Tom Hiddleston Calls His Character Loki a 'Complicated Cat'

Marvel fans can anticipate sibling rivalry to take a back seat in latest 'Thor' film.
2:25 | 11/01/13

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Transcript for Actor Tom Hiddleston Calls His Character Loki a 'Complicated Cat'
Can't wait to see who these cars end up with. Remember "thor" and the dark world? Look who is over there. Tom hamilton is over there. I'm so sorry. It's raining here. Josh, come over. He does the best owen wilson ever. You do the best owen wilson. It's so good. Yeah. It's very early in the morning. All right. Well, good morning, america. Here we are, times square. And there's a picture of loki behind me. Take a look at that. I would have thought you had the long hair. I would have thought that was all yours. It's an extreme look. He had extensions on this fitting. Here's what I love about this character. This is your third time playing it. You actually -- you can't hate this guy. You realize why he is the way he is. That's what you did to this character. Thank you very much. With the angry brother, you have to work together a little here. He is trained by the norse god of mischief. His human failings are ambition. He's jealous of his brother, and proud and angry. But thor and loki together is something people haven't seen yet. It's like the two brothers bickering in the backseat of the car. There's a lot more collateral damage. It comes out next week? Yes. We should say that. Correct. COMING OUT ON NOVEMBER 8th, NEXT Friday. And I'm very, very excited about it. We are very excited for you to stop by and say hi. Thank you so much for that. And by the way, the owen wilson -- really great. I wanted to make sure we get it all in. The movie. Actually next week. And loki. NOVEMBER 8th. Let's get a little weather

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{"id":20751967,"title":"Actor Tom Hiddleston Calls His Character Loki a 'Complicated Cat'","duration":"2:25","description":"Marvel fans can anticipate sibling rivalry to take a back seat in latest 'Thor' film.","url":"/GMA/video/actor-tom-hiddleston-calls-character-loki-complicated-cat-20751967","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}