Actress Melissa Gilbert Caught in Election Battle

The "GMA" team and insiders analyze some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
5:43 | 08/24/16

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Transcript for Actress Melissa Gilbert Caught in Election Battle
Time now for the big board. Our team of insiders weighing in. We're here at the table with jedediah Bila. You're hearing that music, the famous theme song. I love that theme song. "Little house on the rarery." We're playing that because Melissa Gilbert is in the news because of a political battle. She won the democratic primary for a seat in Michigan despite dropping out of the race in may. The state election board is allowing a replacement for Gilbert to get on the ballot. The republicans are fighting to keep her in the race. Why? The only thing that would make it better is if the district was in walnut grove, Minnesota. The republicans are pointed on this. If they keep her on the ballot, it's her on the ballot, she's much more vulnerable than the candidate that the democrats want. An assistant prosecutor. They know they have a better chance of defeating Melissa Gilbert. I think as an homage to laura Ingalls, they're a half pint short. That was a good one. Has there ever been a case where someone was forced to run when they wanted out? Interestingly. As we saw in the primaries, a bunch of the candidates dropped out. Jeb bush was on the ballot in a number of states. Marco Rubio was still on in a number of states. One of the most interesting cases was in Texas. Two state senators died before election day who stayed on the ballot through election day. Both won the election. Though they had died 60 day before election day. You're preeobably right. The state election board decision is going to hold. If she's forced to run, will she? She's just on the ballot. From everything I've seen, she's not going to campaign or do anything. It looks like she has a real physical issue with her spine in the course of this. I think in the end, the democrats will be successful in having their kptd on the ballot. It's not going to be that competitive a race. It's a republican district. The republicans, because of Donald Trump on the the ballot, want to protect everybody they can. Thank you, Matt. Now to the big headline about breadwinners. A new study by researchers at the university of Connecticut find that more men are depended on to be sole providers, the more their mental health suffers. What do you make of in? I think the study will surprise a lot of people. It turns stereo types on their head. You have a study that shows men who are under pressure where the expectation is they have to be the breadwinner Texas more they have to earn in a marriage and support their family, the less happy the less healthy they are according to the study. The study looked at a number of people over the course of 15 year. The caveat is they looked at people age 18 to 3. I'm sure there are people out there married, 34, 44, 54, things change along the way. You might take some pride. It's surprising to me. It does show something didn't for women. For women, women are actually happier in this study when they get to support the family more. When they get to earn a little bit more. So it's the opposite for women than it is for men. I can buy that. I can buy that. We turn to a big debate about home work. It was sparked by a Texas teacher's letter to parents. It's gone viral. She says she's not going to assign formal homework this year. We're here with jedediah Bila, "The view" co-host, a former teacher. This goes back to "Everybody loves Raymond." It's just -- it's just she has too much homework. Did you see how many books she has to carry? She's going to be a hunchback. I think a lot of kids are burdened. This teacher says, ree search has been unable to prove that homework improves student perform performance. Spend your evenings doing smings that are proven to correlate with stunt success. Eat dinner together, play. I went to a school where I almost became a hunchback because I had so many books on my back all the time. A lot of time, teachers give repetitive homework. They'll send the kids home with 50 problems. It's repetitive. I say give homework that makes sense for the kids. Give them three or four problems, so they can exercise hat they did in class, but don't make it excessive. It turns into busy work. I'm not the teacher. My kids are asking me how to do math problems that I don't know. Didn't you learn this in school? You were an administrator as well? I was. I was an academic dean. I had parents coming up saying, my kids have too much home work. They don't have time to be kids. They walk away being negative. Come up with a create I have exercise. Give them something at help that they'll enjoy. Don't take up the entire night. I remember sitting for hours and hours and hours and mizing out on high school because I was doing homework. I could have gotten the same benefit doing one or two problems. Not 50. My kids love when I help with the math home work because they say it proves daddy is dumb. That's not true. We all know George wins everything. Jedediah, thank you. Rebecca, Matt, thank you as well.

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{"duration":"5:43","description":"The \"GMA\" team and insiders analyze some of the biggest stories trending this morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41610937","title":"Actress Melissa Gilbert Caught in Election Battle","url":"/GMA/video/actress-melissa-gilbert-caught-election-battle-41610937"}