Adam Levine Marries Behati Prinsloo

Sara Haines reports the latest news in the Pop News Heat Index.
4:06 | 07/20/14

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Transcript for Adam Levine Marries Behati Prinsloo
The whole show, a prologue to this. It's all been running up to "Pop news." That's how I like to look at this show. Up nuptial news. Adam Levine telling his girlfriend she will be loved. They tied the knot last night. Jesse Carmichael was best man. The couple asked guests to make a donation to a children's hospital instead of gifts. So classy. "People's" sexiest man alive and Victoria's secret model. A hot gene pool. They're not bad looking. I like when people say, in lieu of gifts, give a donation. And that is a hot-looking couple. You'll look just as hot at your wedding. A closet three times the size of my entire apartment. Teresa Romer calls the 3,000-square-foot base her she-cave. Handbags, shoes, Julie, other accessories, and clothes. Forget the beer fridge. This place has a champagne bar. Classy. She's used a space to hold fund-raising events. This is not a closet. This is a show room for her clothes. No offense, mom and dad. Next time I come to Houston, I'm going to call her and stay there. How cool if they let you loose in there to pick changes. Like shoes. Millimeter, why don't you have a closet like that. Is that what's in your man cave? No. I don't want to know what is in Ron's man cave. A lot of sports memorabilia. Beer bottles. Dirty socks. I don't want to walk into your office. You what? I have seen your office. Oh, really? Keep on with your "Pop news." Justin rocked dance moves for his daughter, Molly, when he came home from work. He must have invented the cowboy twerk. It's been a blessing to see the reaction for everyone. I mean, I have loved my daughter like that. Her whole life. Bye bye. Blow 'em a kiss. She's like punch her face. Justin says this Justin's wife says this is why she loves him. There it goes. Take it home, take it home. Is there we go. Look at those. Look at her. She is thrilled. That video may embarrass her some day. Right now, he's the coolest -- Look at this. Wow. Oh, so cute. That's cute. It's like some "Dancing with the stars" action. Yesterday, we showed you a picture of the very fashion fashion-forward brad Pitt. We asked you to send pictures of your kids' creations. Aspen made this beautiful his and hers t-shirts. And Elizabeth lane Soeder says these t-shirts were tie-dyed by her grandchildren. I love the tie dye. I wick sh it would make a comeback. If birken stocks can make a come back. Remember jellies? Oh, jellies. Do you remember them? Let me check in my closet. I'll bring you a pair. They're shoes. They're sandals. They rip your feet apart. My favorite moment was, you just go won your "Pop news." We're going to take a quick

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{"id":24637659,"title":"Adam Levine Marries Behati Prinsloo","duration":"4:06","description":"Sara Haines reports the latest news in the Pop News Heat Index.","url":"/GMA/video/adam-levine-marries-behati-prinsloo-24637659","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}