Adele Fans Cry Foul Over Ticket Sales

Tickets for the British singer's concert sold out quickly online and then reappeared at higher prices.
2:49 | 12/18/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Adele Fans Cry Foul Over Ticket Sales
backlash over Adele tickets. Fans are crying foul after her concert tickets sold out in minutes online. Some sees priced below 100 being scalped for thousands. ABC's Rebecca Jarvis with more on what happened. Hey, George, pretty incredible. What is more depressing than an Adele song? Apparently if you're trying to buy tickets to her upcoming north American tour that's it. Fans taking to Twitter this morning voicing their frustrations while the scalpers, the resellers have swooped in with tickets at outrageous prices. ? So hello from the other side ? Reporter: Perhaps this fan said it best, hello from the ticket line. I've clicked refresh a thousand times. After tickets for her 56-state north American tour sold out in under an hour. Prices originally set for 39.50 to $149.50 on ticketmaster but scalpers flooded the internet with resales of those seats. Many at more than 8,000% markups. We found tickets on stubhub going for as much as $11,000 so how are regular Adele fans supposed to afford to see their idol? The ticket scalping market is now an $8 billion a year industry. The president of ticketmaster telling "The New York times" artists that sell the least suffer from scalpers the most and use lightning quick computer programs to monopolize ticket buying and upcharge to stubhub and vivid seats. Adele teamed up with song kick, a site that specializes in ticket sales. They sold 235,000 tickets for Adele on this tour, they say, blocking at least 53,000 scalpers saving the real fans $6.3 million in markups. But there were heavy restrictions on the site in north America and it accounts for only 8% of available Adele tickets. Heartbroken fans venting their anger online. One posting this scene from the movie "Mean girls." Asking how many of you feel personally victimized by ticketmaster? One person writing attempting to buy Adele Tibbs is more depressing than an Adele song. Whenever there is a big tour there is a huge rush for tickets and owe situation naturally computers go down. Never has it in my memory happened on this scale. The pain. How do you score tickets to one of those shows? Many of the true fans who did get tickets yesterday they did it through the ticketmaster app on their phone and joined her fan club. Check with your credit card company, they do frequently also give people access to presale and a lot of the Tibbs get sold through presale. Very good tips. Thank you so much, Rebecca. I have this happening to me

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"Tickets for the British singer's concert sold out quickly online and then reappeared at higher prices.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35838218","title":"Adele Fans Cry Foul Over Ticket Sales ","url":"/GMA/video/adele-fans-cry-foul-ticket-sales-35838218"}