The Adorable Letters that Children Write to Santa

Plus, the "GMA" anchors discuss the "fake wallet reach" that often occurs on a date when the check comes.
11:11 | 12/08/16

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Transcript for The Adorable Letters that Children Write to Santa
We say this every time. This is the best audience today. Every single time. That woman was interrupting -- Wasn't she good? That shouldn't have been me. Let's keep it going. Getting close to Christmas on this throwback Thursday. We'll look back atlers to Santa. Everybody sent their letters when they were kids. Now we know about them because everybody shares them. Facebook, Instagram and some favors right here. Sam wellson from Nevada, sorry to put my glasses on, please leave before 6:00 A.M. My alarm goes off at 6:00 A.M. P.S.I. My stocking is on the left. Also, deer Santa I've gotten good school grades. I was thinking if I could have a brand-new handbrake bike for Christmas. Please, another ps, who is your real mom? What? Actually -- Inquiring minds want to know. Bailey knight, 7 years old, Erie, Pennsylvania, dear Santa, for my number one ticket I want tickets to did to my third Thomas Rhett concert on the floor and as close to the front row, whatever you can get, Santa, love bailie. Do you ever remember writing a letter to Santa. Oh, yeah, it was a ritual. I'm glad people are still writing them. Do you remember what you asked for. I was obsessed with snoopy. Anything snoopy. You could dress up your snoopy. I'm dating myself. I remember wanting to go from the footbrake to the handbrake bike. A huge deal. My guys have an insurance policy. They send us a list every single day. They don't want to wait. Have you gotten yours yet. One year asked for a train set and a -- like least electric car sets and Santa brought me both. It was the greatest Christmas ever? Wow. Yeah, George, it was a big Christmas. That was a big Christmas. I was like -- You never know. Do you remember the stingray? The banana seat. Oh, yeah. Popping a wheelie. I could pop a little wheelie. You could ride with your wheelie. Not a big wheel. I'm talking about on your bike. Could you pedal. Yes. I couldn't stay up. I could pop it and -- No, you'd ride it. You guys are learning a lot today. None of it is useful. Sorry none of it is useful. Topic two, want to talk about this. You heard of like the fake -- I you called it the same thing. T-rex. When you're like, oh, let me get that and your arms are too short to get the bill. In fact, Geico has a commercial where they play him. They call it alligator arms. Gator arms. Very, very funny and a very real thing. It turns out that according to a survey 30% of women, there he is, ooh. Almost. Just can't quite get there. 30% of women do the wallet reach and offer to split the bill but actually don't really want to. And then some guys are catching up on to this and have a new way -- gosh, 27% of men will take their dates up on the offer and send them a Ven mobile. What? Nothing says kill the romance then sending a venmo bill. Yeah. That's right. Almost 2017, 73% of men still assume they should pay the check after a first date. 54% of women offer to split the tab on a first date and 50% of sickle men say their number one concern in their love lives is how much do I spend on the date? So big questions. 54% of the women offer to split the bill but whether they say 0% really don't want to. No, more than that. 30%. 30% really don't want to. Who says it doesn't it but doesn't mean it? Who's ever done it. If a woman really wants to pay the bill doesn't that mean she doesn't want a second date. Not necessarily. Or she's a feminist. Not split, pay. I don't think it means that at all. For me it's about just the way I was raised, I guess, is I -- I'm on a date with you, I'll pay the bill. You know, just average man. If we went to lunch I would feel bad if you paid the bill. Good to know. Good to know. Make sure you eat before you show up, though. You are generous. Every time we go out to eat with colleagues these two guys they are so chivalrous. Did I say that right, shrivelous. Yeah. I want to get a show of hands. Purpose on a date and your date took you up on the offer to split it, would that make you less interested? Raise your hands? Yes, right. Every lady from Texas was like, yes. Yes. Is that a generational thing. Maybe. I don't know. I think that -- The young peep, what do you think? You only have the young peeps back here. Never mind. Never mind. Anyway, I thought that was interesting. Chivalry still lives. Chivalry. That's the word. Yeah, that's it. That was very interesting but we have someone else, you know. Very interesting. Who is very interesting. Very talented. Bringing a special guest to the table. You know him from "Fight club Ken "Birdman" and starring along side Will Smith in "Collateral beauty." Put your hands together for Edward Norton. Good to see you. Good to meet you. Good to see you. Michael, good to see you. Ah, oh, my gosh. Welcome. Wow. We were talking earlier. We couldn't believe one of the movies Darby we were talking about how much we loved "Primal fear". You're going all the way back. 0 years ago. My childhood. Does it seem like that long ago, though? It does seem like a long time ago. Especially when I see these pictures and I think who is that child? You look just the same, though. That child was great. Thank you. The roles that you have had. That's the first time many of us saw you but you are an actor's actor. You bring everything and especially in this last role that you're in and -- This was a -- we have a tremendous cast with will and Helen mirren, Kate winslet, Keira knightley. I've been lucky. I found myself of late in these terrific ensembles and this is another great one. This is just a tremendous, tremendous group of actors and will's incredibly beautiful performance, it's a very -- he plays a person who is grieving and the rest of us try to get him out of his paralysis and I think it ends up being one of those films that's -- in the vain of "It's a wonderful life" it touches on serious subjects about what's most important in life but with a lot of good humor and a little bit of fantasy and it's a nice movie for the end of the year. It really is. I walked out saying this is a perfect movie for this time of year and make you appreciate everything around you and takes time to appreciate it and you set it up. We'll watch a little clip of it so check it out, "Collateral beauty." Number two, we'll lose the downworth account because that's always been your relationship and they're not feeling the love as you might imagine so that's going to happen. Whatever, though, because we've got an offer from omnicom and it's real, 17 bucks a share. Please consider it because, yeah. Yeah. Because they leave us total creative job and let everybody keep their jobs which I know you care about because you love these people. Good talk. And Naomi was here and talked about how will always messed with her on set. Was he joking around with you? He has an incredible ability to flip the switch from doing his magic to then being the completely like jocular and funny guy. Mostly when I was around we were both quite obsessed with "Hamilton" like everybody else in the world and will always had a little -- suddenly you would hear a piece of the soundtrack just start from the corner of the soundstage and he's -- will lives up to all of his reputation for being a sweet and grounded and very talented guy. Does it make it easier on set or do you like to stay character. We play best friend answer partners so I think that falling into -- finding that we had a really easy rhythm together was just -- fed the film. It made it -- it made it easy. He's a great dance partner. He's also -- will is the only person who can pull up -- his trailer in soho which is only three stories lower than trump tower and people in their fifth floor loft are saying why am I looking out my bedroom window and seeing Will Smith at the gym. Where anyone else would have a mob complaining he turns it into a block party and everybody is singing "Summertime" in their underwear. It's crazy. I've never seen anybody charm a crowd like him ever. Dame Helen mirren was on for your film and she said that it was unlike any experience she had. She said all the gals in the film, which is an amazing cast, all British and she said nobody went back to their trailers, maybe except will to do nis workout but it was such a jovial crew that you guys really, really bonded. So it's got to be a giant relief and fun to go to work. It is and sitting around -- when you have like the Brit pack of Helen, Kate and Keira knightley all around you, it's -- there's no reason to leave really. It's like to me -- yeah, and they're all -- they all have caustic British wit and sense of humor. We loved it. This acting is working out for you. But we have a throwback -- really working out for you well, throwback Thursday, baseball? Baseball? Baseball? Where did you get that? Yeah, third base. Third base, I wasn't, you know, your caliber of athlete but I was -- I do the -- I threw out -- I did get -- I was a Baltimore Orioles fan and I was at Cal ripken's rookie game and final -- I got to throw out one of the final pitches. Iron man. May not have made it professionally but you did make it. Doing just fine. Thanks. "Collateral beauty" hits theaters December 16th. Thanks for coming in.

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{"duration":"11:11","description":"Plus, the \"GMA\" anchors discuss the \"fake wallet reach\" that often occurs on a date when the check comes. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44050756","title":"The Adorable Letters that Children Write to Santa","url":"/GMA/video/adorable-letters-children-write-santa-44050756"}