'Aerosmith' Frontman on Voicing 'Epic's' Caterpillar

Steven Tyler discusses his role in the animated feature that also stars Beyonce and Pitbull.
4:14 | 05/30/13

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Transcript for 'Aerosmith' Frontman on Voicing 'Epic's' Caterpillar
grossing family thrill on memorial day weekend and for a good reason, it's awesome and due to the "epic" star, beyonce, amanda seyfried, pitbull and, oh, by the way, steven tyler of aerosmith. A first, the demon of screamin' like you've never seen or heard him before. Take a look. So I should just sit here. I didn't say that. Then I'm going up. I didn't say that either. You don't even know what you're saying. I'm saying, who gives up everything for a world that's not even theirs? Dad. My dad does. I have to get my dad. Where do you think you're going? The queen said I was here for a reason. This must be it. You look good. You look good, steven there, thank you very much. The big old worm. I got six hands. Nim galu, the real existence of the leaf men much the director calls you up. He says -- chris wedge called me up who, by the way, did "ice age" bee I had seen it with my children. I just loved it to death and he showed me this little character he did called scrat. I sat there and watched it and said I'm in. I wanted to sit down next to my grandson milo and watch the s and say there's granddaddy. I understand last night actually milo sits down. Didn't know. He hears the voice come out of that worm. What did he do? What did he think? Put his hand in his popcorn and threw some at me. That must be an amazing thing. Part of the idea of working on an animated film is that, the ability to share with others. This one, though, really resonated with you because you were sort of a kid of the woods growing up. I was. I did a special with oprah and she asked where I got my spirituality from and I said, from the silence in the woods. Kind of strange thing unless you hear it and there's something there. I just never knew exactly what. So I wrote about it all these years but I get to play this party animal, what's new, right, but I've got the wisdom to save the forest at least. Now I saw too again as an actor, you wanted to maybe try out different accents but, chris, the director says just give us steven. I can't blame him. Well, yeah, you know, I was nim galu and our company -- i thought, this is -- the indian dish. Oh, my god, I can tell you i could have gone and done this thing from beginning to end and -- he goes, no, no, I want you the way you are, just the way you are. That's great. I also know at first you were like, look, steven tyler fromary row smith and don't have me singing a song. About five months ago you get a call. Yeah. Hey, steven, can you and you finish the sentence. I said I was waiting for you to ask me to write that into the part. They did and some wonderful people wrote the song and got a chance to wrap myself around it and it works. This issant the first one you did. Is it odd to be in a film and see it and you're just sitting there voicing your character alone? O very. Myself talking to milo, what did you thi of it and I heard nim galu. I know boston near and ar to your heart, part of the boston strong concert, wonderful thing for one fund boston. What can we expect and what does it mean to you. G on tour two months ago when this terrible thing did happen and, u know, it's one thing to hear about these things happening urld luggage of and stayed home to embrace so this isery dear to us. First th we heard about it we're on -- remember, carole king, james taylor, jay geils, jimmy buffett, please, we' in! Listen, it's a great movie. Opened number one for a reason. CC1 Test message

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{"id":19287204,"title":"'Aerosmith' Frontman on Voicing 'Epic's' Caterpillar","duration":"4:14","description":"Steven Tyler discusses his role in the animated feature that also stars Beyonce and Pitbull.","url":"/GMA/video/aerosmith-frontman-stephen-tyler-voicing-epics-caterpillar-19287204","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}