Airline Passenger Claims to Have Bomb in Bag

Flight crew leaps into action when sweating, shaking man declares he has explosives.
2:02 | 06/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Airline Passenger Claims to Have Bomb in Bag
With that harrowing scene -- -- -- -- overnight a male passenger on a flight from Knoxville to Denver. Sweating and shaking and then declaring that there is a bomb in his bag the flight crew leaping into action and ABC's do you have any has. Is on the story -- of the mark hey Dan good morning to you that crew grabbing the man's carry on. And using seat cushions to cover fearing a bomb was inside the bag at about to go off. Overnight a 136. Passengers and five crew members evacuated. From the Frontier Airlines flight in Denver one passenger on that flight tells ABC news it's all because a man on the plane claimed to have a bomb in his carry out. Nick -- Berger was on that flight. The guy across. The aisle from me. -- the flight attendants inside and told periods. In a bomb in his backpack. After its pilot called in a security threat. -- 601 landed on this remote strip of tarmac at one of the nation's busiest airport where was greeted by the FBI and the Denver bomb squad. And he's -- -- -- authorities you know on board the plane and removed him first. He left the -- handcuffs. But passengers said the crew took the man's backpack to the back of the plane. Fellow passengers watching over the man until plane landed and he was escorted off the plane. We're told he's now in custody but officials would not confirm if a bomb was on board. He wasn't doing anything he was just sitting there I've been hearing the same thing. The FBI wouldn't say if an actual device was recovered and agents are still investigating the suspect's possible motives. Overnight they were still interviewing the other 135. Passengers. All of whom we're told remained incredibly hole in those moments of terror. I can't even this guy like. How fast my heart was beating. And by the way there were children on that plane the quick thinking -- brought them to the front. Keeping them away from that carry on bag and this morning we still don't know anything about that suspect -- -- -- But it is -- president the crew and the passengers remain so com -- -- for the children's.

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{"duration":"2:02","description":"Flight crew leaps into action when sweating, shaking man declares he has explosives.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19409426","title":"Airline Passenger Claims to Have Bomb in Bag","url":"/GMA/video/airline-passenger-claims-bomb-bag-19409426"}