Airport Worker Caught on Tape Stealing Thousands From Passengers

Increasing employee theft incidents raise concerns over airport security.
2:24 | 04/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Airport Worker Caught on Tape Stealing Thousands From Passengers
But we'll start with this video allegedly showing an airport worker stealing items. Raising fresh questions this morning about airport security. And abc's reena ninan has the story from washington. Reporter: Good morning, dan. We take our shoes off and even agree to be wanded down by airport security. This morning, we're learning about other major airport breaches. Leaving passengers vulnerable. It's a traveler's nightmare. Take a look at this 23-year-old baggage handler in st. Paul, minneso minnesota, as he pulled them from the conveyor. All caught on tape. Prosecutors said that he walked away with $84,000 of passengers' belongi belongings. You can't secure bags because of the sheer volume. Where no one is watching him at any given time. Reporter: He's charged with ten felony count of stealing firearms. But that's not only the ordeal exposing a major flaw in airport security, an delta airline employee is facing charges for breeching security. He used his airport security badge instead, accessing locked areas allowing him to board without ever going through metal detectors. Tsa tell abc news they responded within nine minutes. But his flight landed in orlando before he was detained. These incidents are causing some questions should thousands of security workers in airports across the country have their backgrounds exam iend. Delta confirms to abc news that jfk employee has been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. They're cooperating with authorities and emphasize security is still a top priority for the airline. Dan and bianna. Thank you. So scary, because these are the people we are supposed to trust.

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{"id":18900157,"title":"Airport Worker Caught on Tape Stealing Thousands From Passengers","duration":"2:24","description":"Increasing employee theft incidents raise concerns over airport security.","url":"/GMA/video/airport-worker-caught-tape-stealing-thousands-passengers-18900157","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}