Alabama Hostage Rescue: Ethan's Brother Speaks

David Muir has the first new video of the boy held captive for more than a week.
2:38 | 02/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alabama Hostage Rescue: Ethan's Brother Speaks
Now, to an abc news exclusive this morning. We have the first new video of 5-year-old ethan since that little boy was rescued after spending nearly a week held hostage in that underground bunker in alabama. S.W.A.T. Teams got ethan out just in time to celebrate his birthday. And abc's david muir is just back from alabama with the first images of ethan. Reporter: Good morning. This birthday party was held at a church with little ethan, his mother and older brother. Pops, grandad, also there. The s.W.A.T. Teams, the fbi, thenegotiators hugging him at the party. Ethan's family tls me he's not spoken of the bunker or the man im captive. But you see right here this morning, his giant smile is back. Buddy, why don't you play with your cars. Okay. Reporter: This morning, an abc news exclusive, the first home movies of little ethan. And images from his sixth birdie party. The party his town had been praying for. Just days before he turned 6, ethan was snatched from the front seat of that school bus, dragged to an underground bunker by jimmy lee dykes. The child appears physically unharmed and is being treated at a local hospital. The subject is deceased. Reporter: In his first interview, ethan's brother telling me about the text messages the family would get from the hostage the messages that would keep the family going. We didn't know when, at times, he was asleep. And that was around 9:00 at night. Reporter: They would at least be able to tell you he's gone to bed for the night? Yes. We'd normally get a text or something that he had fallen asleep. Reporter: Was that at least some comfort? That was a lot of comfort, where I could go lay my head down. Reporter: Ethan's older brother never left their mother's side. You were there when you got the call? We were all there when they told us. Reporter: What did say they? They said, we have ethan. Reporter: And the fbi's special agent, whose call it was to enter the bunker, says suspect left behind writings. And in the bunker, he became agitated, bragging about his plan. At the end of the day, the responsibility was mine. I thought the child was going to die. Reporter: Chilling words from that special agent with the fbi. He told me they were convinced time was running out. Tonight on "20/20," what it was they saw and heard that that bunker that signaled dykes was about to harm ethan. What we never knew. The fbi revealing to me, the gunman's only friend in that town, the sole friend that reached out to him, the bus driver he targeted that afternoon. Let's get the rest of the weather from sam.

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{"id":18438695,"title":"Alabama Hostage Rescue: Ethan's Brother Speaks","duration":"2:38","description":"David Muir has the first new video of the boy held captive for more than a week.","url":"/GMA/video/alabama-hostage-rescue-exclusive-video-ethan-brother-speaks-18438695","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}