Alabama Man Saves 11-Month-Old Niece After Accident

Video shows girl trapped after car plummeted down a cliff and her uncle's rescue.
2:52 | 08/12/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alabama Man Saves 11-Month-Old Niece After Accident
everything's going on That emotional rescue caught on camera, the Alabama uncle who's a true hero this morning, saving his 11-month-old niece, the baby trapped in a car after it plummeted down a cliff. Mara schiavocampo has the story. Reporter: That man was using the light from his iPhone's video recorderrecorder. This morning, many are calling the miracle worker. Moments of panic. You call 911. You let me work. You let me work for my niece! Reporter: And prayer. Lord Jesus, please watch over us. Let my niece be okay. Reporter: Caught on camera. Tyler Blake Kimbrell working frantically to rescue his baby niece after a terrifying accident. The car completely overturned. 11-month-old breleigh lifeless. Her was completely upside-down. Glass broken. On either side, you know, ten, 20 yards, give or take, you have literally have mountains you're going to fall off of. Because, just do what I say! If you want this to work out you do what I say! You call 911. You let me work! Reporter: Kimbrell had been following his sister, destiny, when she lost control of her car. While destiny was ejected from the car unhurt, baby breleigh was trapped in the car seat. Uncle Blake's going to get you out of here. Reporter: After two long two minutes a welcome sound -- breleigh's cries. She's still stuck. What are you stuck to, honey? What are you stuck to? When I heard that cry, it was the most precious cry I had ever heard in my life. Reporter: Finally, four minutes in, Kimbrell manages to free the baby. I got you, sweetie. I got you. Reporter: Handing her off to first responders and her grateful mother. I love you so much. Lord Jesus, watch over her please. It was relief. All I cared about my baby was alive and it was a miracle we came out both with no scratches. Reporter: Kimbrell said he's cpr-certified. He checked to make sure she was okay. What great brother. Oh, my gosh, just hearing him. How he was talking to his little niece. And that cry. When he heard that he knew she was going to be okay. Over to ginger. This is a dust devil. I'm calling it a sootnado.

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"Video shows girl trapped after car plummeted down a cliff and her uncle's rescue.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33033875","title":"Alabama Man Saves 11-Month-Old Niece After Accident","url":"/GMA/video/alabama-man-saves-11-month-niece-accident-33033875"}