Seattle Man on Estranged Wife's Slaying: 'It's Scary'

Alan Smith gave an interview with KOMO-TV as police focus on him in the killing.
4:04 | 06/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Seattle Man on Estranged Wife's Slaying: 'It's Scary'
switching gears to the strange and brutal murder case near seattle. After a divorce, the wife is dead, the husband under suspicion. But that didn't stop him from giving a tv interview with his new girlfriend. Abc's neal karlinsky has the details. Good morning, neal. Reporter: George, good morning. We've seen this behavior before, with jodi arias, and scott peterson. It seems like doing an interview under heavy suspicion for murder, can sometimes make a suspect look even stranger. In bare feet and a new girlfriend at his side, former boeing engineer, allen seat, sat down with seattle's komo, even as police were honing in on him for the brutal murder of his estranged wife, a murder he claims he did not commit. It's scary and overwhelming. Of course, just really overwhelming. Reporter: Just hours after that interview, smith was arrested on an obstruction of justice charge, for failing to turn in his passport. Police up uhhing their suspicion from person of interest to murder suspect. She was the love of my life foa while and the mother of my children. My heartbreak. Reporter: In court documents, detectives claim smith had been looking into plane tickets to venezuela, around the time of the murder. And checking google, for phrases like, will venezuela extradite to the u.S.? They say head been pvrjing disposable cover jauls and masking tape from home depot around the same time. Tools they say lead to planning, committing, hiding or concealing evidence. All they say in the midst of a bitter custody dispute with the wife he no longer lived with. You may have a lot of suspicious behavior. But they've apparently not found anything that can forensically link mr. Smith to his wife's death. Reporter: His girlfriend, who still stands by him, says she also has questions. You know, everybody has their breakdown. I don't know what his threshold is. But the possibility and the capability there? Yeah. Reporter: Police maintain smith is a suspect. But months after the crime, he remains free on bail on a lesser charge. We were unable to reach him, by the way, for further comment. George? Okay, neal. Thanks very much. Let's bring in dan abrams. Not much of a vote of confidence from the girlfriend. What? I mean, his girlfriend, who by the name -- her name is love tai -- that's her name. The notion, she is saying publicly, you never know. It's always possible. This is crazy. You're doing an interview with her? And she's coming out and saying, well, it's possible. You never know. Maybe he did kill his wife. As we saw in the piece, a lot of circumstantial evidence. And also, beyond just the circumstantial evidence. It's also the circumstances, right? You have stab wounds. You have blunt-force trauma. Those tend to be immediately someone that the person knew here. And 19 stab wounds, et cetera. Number two, google searches for things like fake passports and would venezuela extradite? You have the fact they were involved in a nasty divorce and custody battle. Put those together and you can understand why for now he's being called a suspect. Being called a suspect. But he's been free for months. Do they need dna evidence? Something like that? They're going to need something else. It seems they feel they don't have enough yet to move forward. What they have is a lot of very suspicious circumstances. And it seems they're trying to put the heat on him. By publicly calling him a suspect, by saying, we're moving him from person of interest to suspect, which in my view doesn't mean almost anything. What it does mean, they're trying to put the heat on this guy. They want him to feel that they're getting close. He better watch every step. And they do seem like they need one additional thing before they're going to charge him. Dan abrams, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"Alan Smith gave an interview with KOMO-TV as police focus on him in the killing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19480900","title":"Seattle Man on Estranged Wife's Slaying: 'It's Scary'","url":"/GMA/video/alan-smith-murder-trial-seattle-man-estranged-wifes-19480900"}