Alec Baldwin Makes His Debut as Donald Trump on SNL

ABC News' Rachel Smith reports the buzziest stores of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
3:55 | 10/02/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alec Baldwin Makes His Debut as Donald Trump on SNL
What's up, guys mism excited about this. You should. If first one is quite the doozy. Alec Baldwin making his big debut as Donald Trump on Saturday night live, doing his best impression of the republican nominee during the first presidential debate. Check it out. I have the best judgment and the best temperament. She is the one with the worst temperam temperament. She is crazy, and he hair is Orange except about the eyes where it's white. The debates show the premiere. Alec Baldwin will be playing the trump role for the season. Thanks to cast member Tina fey. He has hosted the show a record setting 16 times. Those impressions are so spot on. And the Hillary Clinton campaign loves it. I mean -- They do? Oh, they love it. They have fun with it. We haven't heard from them yet. Interesting. Next up, guys, we've got from the small screen to the stage, the great white way, the internet sensation known as grumpy cat. You will love this one here, Dan Harris. Grumpy cat can add Broadway to hiss remay. Making a one night appearance with the guests of "Cats" smooch she was clearly the cats' meow. In true grumpy cat form, she said she would have preferred to play the Fran Tom in the Fran Tom of the opera. She does have beautiful memory. Well played, well played. I challenge Dan to make grumpy cat 10% happier. Actually, I met grumpy cat because she showed up on the set of "Gma" a couple years ago. She is really, really friendly and cute and purry. She just has a face -- I didn't know grumpy cat was a girl. Cecilia. Yeah, a resting face. A lucrative resting face. ABC is kicking off his choose kindness campaign. Featuring ABC stars to inspire kids, families and changemakers around the world in the country to put an end to bullying. Shut it down. We're all beautiful. We are strong. We are powerful. Be loud. Be proud. We have the power to put an end to lubullying. Go ahead, be you. Be bold. Be different. Be inspiring. We are inviting to you parse Tate on social media showing how you choose kindness using the #choosewindness. I like that. I do too. It's a great campaign. And the national bullying prevention month has been around since 2006. Hopefully it willer spire people to get out is there and choose kindness more. All right, this is scary. We are already hearing Mariah Carey? No. It's beginning to look like Christmas in October. And according to a new survey by credit, 34 million people have started holiday shopping. What? I take it you're not one of the 34 million. No. Christmas eve. Bah hum bag. Ron drops by 711 on. Did I have a jump-start. Here we go. These are empty by the way. Just so you know. Thank you. Thank you. Appreciate it. Announcer: Live from wcvb-tv

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{"id":42507959,"title":"Alec Baldwin Makes His Debut as Donald Trump on SNL","duration":"3:55","description":"ABC News' Rachel Smith reports the buzziest stores of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News.","url":"/GMA/video/alec-baldwin-makes-debut-donald-trump-snl-42507959","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}