Armed Robbers Dress Like Mormon Missionaries

Police release security footage in hopes of finding two thieves posing as Mormons.
1:34 | 08/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Armed Robbers Dress Like Mormon Missionaries
This morning Las Vegas police say they are hunting for the two brazen robbers have seen in this newly released surveillance video. It looked like the mormons. Or -- jehovah's witness but as Ida and Terrence -- found out earlier this summer. These so called men of god were anything but. Open the door. It's hard to -- were standing right there it was just after 6 in the morning when the -- -- the young men knocked on their door. They said we'd like to talk to about Jesus Christ. And they handed me a pamphlet when I handed the pamphlet back something went around my neck I screamed for my wife. Parents -- -- says the suspects violently beat him wrestled the ball away. To this spot right here once I was on the ground one of them -- -- -- And that could not -- then he says they started robbing the house making their way into the bedroom where his wife was hiding. I was hiding right here underneath -- -- clothes came in again to the -- -- to check in it looked around. And the Dartmouth like best and I could see -- -- my sense. Police say the thieves made off with 3000 dollars stashed in a cookie jar along with three ipads and an iPod. Experts warn burglars turn to disguises and -- poised to gain your trust three men approach this Arizona home last fall. Under the guise of offering to do yard work. Instead police say they violently robbed the home at gunpoint. The back in Vegas the dilution say. They're planning to move. I fear for my life right now I don't know who's gonna come to my door for Good Morning America GO Benitez ABC news New York.

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{"id":20035365,"title":"Armed Robbers Dress Like Mormon Missionaries","duration":"1:34","description":"Police release security footage in hopes of finding two thieves posing as Mormons.","url":"/GMA/video/alleged-armed-robbers-dress-mormon-missionaries-20035365","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}