Alleged Cover-Up in Vet Death Scandal

American Legion calls for VA secretary to resign after veterans die waiting to see doctors at a Phoenix hospital.
1:32 | 05/09/14

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Transcript for Alleged Cover-Up in Vet Death Scandal
We're going to turn to a growing scandal at V.A. Hospitals, after at least 40 veterans died while waiting to see doctors at a facility in Phoenix. There's a charge this morning about a possible cover-up. And new questions about the future of the official in charge of veteran affairs. That secretary facing calls to resign. Reporter: He sure is, George. The allegations here are explosive. Not only have veterans died waiting for medical care. But that the V.A. Hospital in Phoenix was allegedly covering up just how long vets were waiting by keeping and then destroying a secret waiting list. Now, you have generhim in the hot seat. Fixing the hospital was one of the top priorities. He's facing calls to resign. And more significantly, the American legion, one of the most influential veterans groups in the country, say it is time for him to go, because he is responsible for what they called bureaucratic incompetence and failed leadership. That's a powerful group. Reporter: That's right. We heard late yesterday from the white house, saying the president has complete confidence in shinseki. And he has made tremendous progress. That's the words the white house used in dealing with the backlog of claims. The allegation of a cover-up puts a lot of that in question. We're going to have a lot more on Sunday on "This week." And Martha Raddatz has an exclusive interview with defense secretary chuck Hagel.

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{"id":23652393,"title":"Alleged Cover-Up in Vet Death Scandal","duration":"1:32","description":"American Legion calls for VA secretary to resign after veterans die waiting to see doctors at a Phoenix hospital.","url":"/GMA/video/alleged-cover-arizona-vet-death-scandal-23652393","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}