Alleged Stalker Found in J-Lo's Pool House

John Dubis was allegedly living in the singer's Hamptons estate for six days.
2:38 | 08/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alleged Stalker Found in J-Lo's Pool House
however, with that scare we mentioned for jennifer lopez. A man allegedly found on the property of her hamptons home, living in a pool house there for almost a week without actually being detected. And abc's linzie janis has more on this story. Reporter: This man had been accused of stalking j. Lo in the past. He had been living in her vacation home for six days before he was discovered by a member of the singer's staff. Police say this retired firefighter, had been living it up here in the hamptons. The 49-year-old was allegedly sleeping on the couch in the star's pool house. Even posting vacation pictures on facebook, using the name, david a. Lopez. He was there for six days before the security discovered he was actually on j. Lo's property. Reporter: The singer wasn't at her property when dubis was arrested. But security guards were on duty. Prompting many to ask how he could be missed. Whoever was checking the property wasn't doing it thoroughly because he wasn't hiding from anyone. Reporter: Police say dubis has a history of stalking j. Lo. And she has an order of production against him. When dubis was spotted by a member of the staff, he claimed to be the star's ex-husband. People idealize these celebrities. It has to be a rush to get into Sleeping in their bed, touching their belongings. Reporter: Last year, a man was caught on camera after jumping the fence of miley cyrus' house. He was wearing a red heart around his neck. Well, I have scissors. Reporter: And an obsessed fan ended up on probation when he tried to break into mila kunis' house last february. Months later, he showed up at her gym, causing her to hide in her range rover while waiting for police. It's the reality today of being a star or a famous person. If you're obsessed with a particular person, you can pull a lot of information about them off the internet. Reporter: Even j. Lo's ex-boyfriend, p. Diddy isn't immune. An intruder was busted after spending 24 hours living the life of luxury at the rapper's east hampton home. He told police, diddy's crib wasn't anything special. J. Lo's stalker will go under investigation next week. Scary thing. Lara? We move on to an incredible story.

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{"id":20045295,"title":"Alleged Stalker Found in J-Lo's Pool House","duration":"2:38","description":"John Dubis was allegedly living in the singer's Hamptons estate for six days.","url":"/GMA/video/alleged-stalker-john-dubis-found-living-jennifer-lopezs-20045295","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}