Boy, 6, Saved From Gator's Jaws

Florida father fought to free his young son from the jaws of an 8-foot alligator.
1:24 | 04/23/13

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Transcript for Boy, 6, Saved From Gator's Jaws
A hungry eight foot alligator. It -- six year old boy and one terrifying tale. -- -- this morning -- Welch is lucky to be alive with just a few scrapes and bruises. It is Gator grabbed his right arm with its powerful jaws it was supposed to be a fun canoe trip in Florida with -- The little guy fell into the shallow water and the alligator was shot down the most of -- required -- -- probably -- -- mountain locals. -- -- pull out I immediately heard these shouts in these blood curdling screams that's what his father Joseph Welsh sprang into boxing -- Five foot 100275. -- dad. Taking on the eighth split approximately 200 pound Gator I'm punch in the -- on top of the head -- -- like hood after hearing the father's cries for help. Another man ran to help make it a fair fight. And I guess the gate and decided that after getting kicked and punched and he just finally released him and -- I was able to. Get my son in law to -- -- Joey was rushed to the hospital amazingly only suffering these minor scrapes he could've. Squished my sons on the -- crack. Bottom. Sometimes completely -- -- even haven't broken -- all thanks to his father's right -- for Good Morning America John stripping ABC news New York.

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{"id":19023036,"title":"Boy, 6, Saved From Gator's Jaws","duration":"1:24","description":"Florida father fought to free his young son from the jaws of an 8-foot alligator.","url":"/GMA/video/alligator-attack-boy-bitten-saved-gators-jaws-19023036","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}