Amanda Berry Takes Stage at Cleveland Concert

Young woman held captive for decades makes first public appearance.
2:44 | 07/28/13

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Transcript for Amanda Berry Takes Stage at Cleveland Concert
-- surprise appearance overnight a very public show of strength. By a young woman who has really been through hell you are looking at a band -- very taking this stage at a concert in Cleveland. One day after the man who held her and two other young women captive. For upwards of -- decade was sentenced to a thousand years in prison ABC rod Nelson. Here with the story great night. For her and threw for the city anything about a good morning guys for those three women held captive in that Cleveland house of horrors it is certainly. Did a week of closure and for one Amanda -- last night was a public reminder of just how many people. Are celebrated her long awaited freedom. I want you to give this mercy. Blogdigger. Round of applause the crown Land Rover finished in Cleveland had no idea about the special guests and now to take the stage. -- -- I told her that. She -- a little bit of time than make up on the partying and you guys who come here tonight. How courageous coming out party just one day. After her captor aerial Castro accepted a plea deal -- -- send him to prison for 1000 years I knew I was gonna get. Pretty much -- -- it was a man of Barry's voice pleading with the 911 operator after her escaped inmate that broke this story open to the world. A young woman breaking free after a decade in captivity. Just a few weeks ago she and -- -- Asus and Michelle -- releasing this video state. I think everyone who -- still mean my fans -- -- and Tyler noon and now another amazing sign of strength. Appearing on stage in this video posted to YouTube by Cleveland rock stations WNMS's. Morning DJ rover. After the initial reading from the crown Barry was serenaded by the rapper Nelly. While -- may appear to be doing remarkably well experts station will likely deal with the fallout from her ordeal. For a long time resilience. Is process -- a traumatic event. And then finding a way to essentially move on from an ability Amanda -- seems for now at least. To be displaying in extraordinary. Abundance. Now according to concert goers -- did not actually say anything while on stage they say she simply smiled. And seemed very happy -- on the clearly wonderful moment for that hometown crowd and especially for an -- But if you can embrace that point again she needs those moments right as you said this is going to be a long process -- but a great moment on the left wrapping. To see her.

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{"id":19795183,"title":"Amanda Berry Takes Stage at Cleveland Concert","duration":"2:44","description":"Young woman held captive for decades makes first public appearance.","url":"/GMA/video/amanda-berry-takes-stage-cleveland-concert-19795183","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}