Amanda Knox Acquittal Overturned: Will She Go Back to Italy?

Dan Abrams discusses the Italian court's decision to overturn Knox's murder conviction.
2:23 | 03/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Amanda Knox Acquittal Overturned: Will She Go Back to Italy?
All right, george, "gma" legal analyst dan abrams joins us now picking up a bit on what ted said there and looking at it. What is your take on what happened today? Well, look, this is a surprising ruling. In he time an appellate court comes in and says that a different court got it wrong, it's surprising. What this high court said is that there were some mistakes of law made in the lower court, not necessarily that she's guilty, just that there were errors in law such that the lower court needs to review the case. But that's a big deal. And as a result, there could be issues down the road with regard to extradition. Ted is absolutely right. That for now amanda knox will not be going back to italy, but if the lower court deems that she is guilty and the appellate court, the high court, affirms that ruling, I think the italian officials would then request that she be extradited and there could be a battle. I think it's unlikely that the u.S. Would go along with that. I think they would claim this is effectively double jeopardy. She's being tried again in a way that you wouldn't do in the united states and as a result, they'd likely say no but it's not a necessarily a no. And this is going to happen in 2014, but still we're talking years here. There could be an appeal from that appeal. I mean, when is this going to end for her? This is going to be a many years long process so for amanda knox as a practical matter it won't have an impact on her for now, for the next year or two years. The only immediate impact is she might have been or likely would have been entitled to get paid back for false imprisonment for the time she erv issed. Now she likely would not be able to get that. But apart from that, this is not going to affect her life until they request extradition. That would mean the high court would have to affirm again. We have not heard from amanda knox. She is releasing her memoir the end of next month. Is that a wise move to continue with that given these proceedings in italy? Look, I think it's important from her perspective to live her life and say, you know what, I'm not guilty, an appellate court found me not guilty. Yes a court is reviewing this but I'm moving on. Obviously if there is a conviction again, if the high court affirms that, I don't know that she'd want to be traveling on a book tour in the eu but apart from that I don't think it should impact her. Thank you. As that memoir comes out she'll speak to diane sawyer for the first time april 30th at 10:00 p.M. Right here on abc.

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{"duration":"2:23","description":"Dan Abrams discusses the Italian court's decision to overturn Knox's murder conviction. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18812495","title":"Amanda Knox Acquittal Overturned: Will She Go Back to Italy?","url":"/GMA/video/amanda-knox-retrial-acquittal-overturned-american-back-italy-18812495"}