Amanda Knox Contemplated Suicide in Italian Prison

In an interview in People magazine, Knox says memoir will reveal her difficult time in jail.
2:08 | 04/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Amanda Knox Contemplated Suicide in Italian Prison
Now, to the latest on amanda knox. Her long-awaited memoir, is due out this friday. And in a brand-new interview with "people" magazine, knox is revealing new details of her harrowing ordeal. What she thought when she was first arrested. And how she is haunted every day but what happened. Neal karlinsky has the story. Reporter: In a new interview with "people" magazine, amanda knox says, her time in an italian prison was so difficult, she considered killing herself. So lonely, she caressed family pictures in a photo album. And so terrifying, she says he was sexually harassed. The freedom I'm most grateful for has to do with reclaiming my identity, she tells "people." I'm not a murderer. According to the magazine, in her soon-to-be released tell-all, he considered suicide by suffocating herself with a garbage bag. Or cutting herself in the shower. In the courtroom, I was called a liar and a murderer and a deemed, she tells "people" magazine. The moniker, foxy knoxy, was a playful childhood nickname that had to do with her skills on the field. Knox writes about having her every move analyzed from afar. Including this now-famous video of her kissing then-boyfriend, raffaele sollecito outside of the crime scene. First I showed not enough emotion. Then, I showed too much, she wrote, according to "the new york times." Knox says a prison chaplain helped maintain her sanity. Teaching her how to play piano on a keyboard cut out of paper. She didn't know what was tweet was. She didn't know who justin bieber was. She didn't remember how to wash clothes in a washer and drier. She had to come back and adapt again. Reporter: Now, facing a new trial, why write a tell-all book. Knox tells "people," I'm tired of speculation. I wanted to lay myself out in a completely honest way. It was, you can judge me. But this is what you have to judge me on. For "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle.

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{"id":19029368,"title":"Amanda Knox Contemplated Suicide in Italian Prison","duration":"2:08","description":"In an interview in People magazine, Knox says memoir will reveal her difficult time in jail.","url":"/GMA/video/amanda-knox-trial-update-american-contemplated-suicide-italian-19029368","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}