American Airlines Flight Attendants Fall Ill After Flight

The "GMA" team of insiders analyze some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
6:44 | 01/04/17

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Transcript for American Airlines Flight Attendants Fall Ill After Flight
My Stop & Shop. St message And we're back now with our big board. We start with harmful fumes inside planes after seven crew members from an American airlines flight were hospitalized. This come on the heels of another flight. 12 flight attendants were acting strangely on a British airlines flights. What's going on here? No one knows. This is difficult to figure out what is going on. It's not easy to detect. If you're going to ask someone who is fixing your airplane to find the source of an odor, it's not like theyst there's a warning light in the cockpit. Not like you can see a leak. It's very hard to detect. It's also not persistent. The cabin air is recirculated almost every three minutes. While you may have something that occurs on the airplane, by the time it lands, it's probably not there anymore. The only common thread we can find is this tends to happen on older airplanes. As the airplanes get old, they may leak fluids into the air conditions system. American airlines released a statement saying we take cabin odor issues seriously and have devoetd extensive efforts over time to ard these types of concerns. What should the airline do here, Steve? We did some digging. We found this is the third instance of this particular American airlines aircraft having reports of fums in the cabin. So, in just in the past two months. And so American obviously has a problem with this aircraft. This is not an airlines problem in general. It's a manufacturer problem. The manufacturers insist their cabin air is good. The FAA has told us they don't have the resource ors the people to do a true scientific study or to monitor cabin air. Until we get science, we'll see more of these story ps. Thank you, Steve. A human year for holiday shopping. Sales up to over $196 billion. And yet, despite that, a new report in "Usa today" reveals more stores may soon be closing in 2017. Becky Worley joins us now. Record sales. But stores are closing. What is going on here? Counterintuitive, right? Holiday sales up 4%. Biggest shopping season since 2011. Retail consultants expecting a continued closure of brick and mortar stores. Macy's said they'll close 100 stores in 2017. Why? You guessed it. The big sales growth was online. Not helping the brick and mortar locations. Another crazy stat. Some estimates rolling in there are about $60 billion in returns this holiday season. Tomorrow is national returns day. Apparently this is a thing now. According to U.P.S., they estimate tomorrow, 1.3 million packages will be shipped back to retailers. These individual returns are a huge hassle. Instead of putting them back on the shelves, they cut their losses, they send them to liquidators. These are online, pop-up liquidators. They unload the items for pennies on the dollars. It eats into profits. The upside for us, we get those items on sale for 30% to 60% off. Big sales coming up, too. Yeah, we're talking about sites like zulili, Amazon warehouse. There's one called blink, with a "Q." As returns come in price cuts get better. I awe a designer purse, $39. Lert boots, more than half off. Electronics. Beats headphones on sale. They're $129 new. At blinq? $89. The only difference, the box is open. We can live with that. To privacy concerns over a new device to monitor toddlers and babies. The newest device from mattel. Called aristotle. David Pogue erks explain this. It doesn't come out until June. The reason they're announcing it now here in Las Vegas at the big consumer electronics show is they hope to get press, like maybe they'll get on "Good morning America." It has two basic functions. It does everything the Amazon echo does. You can say when was George Washington born? What's the weather tomorrow? What does my commute look like? It has a huge list of child-specific things kit do by voice. For example, if your baby wakes up in the night, lit play a lullaby and show a genting light show. It comes with a camera. The toddlers can show cards to it. What animal says moo. The kid says cow. It says, you're right. When you have a tween, it will do home work help. There are some people that are concerned about this being geared toward children, especially young children. Yeah, anything to do with children and technology that we don't understand is inherently frightening. We have all seen that clip that's going around virally lately of a toddler speaking to an Amazon echo and the echo actually responded with texts from an adult website. One of the parents was or find the other was laughing his head off. Mattel says they've built in security and privacy. This things understands children's voices. The Amazon echo and siri do not. The other big concern is the way these things all work is, when you say something to it, aristotle, what's the weather tomorrow snit transmits your requests to the mother ship company, back to apple or am zoon or mattel. Their computers process it. Send it back to you. That is carry to some parents. Mattel insists it can't be hacked. As for the camera with the aristotle, it has a link to your phone. It's never transmitted online. Never sent out of your house. Wow. Not the last we'll hear about that one. Seeing Becky's reaction to what David is saying, she's our tech guru and a mom, too. Boy, priceless. I know, smart baby monitor, I love it. Our kids brains on artificial intelligence, seems like that needs a little more ree search, guys. We have six months. Thank you all very much. Coming up, a lot of questions about what really happened in the video we're

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{"duration":"6:44","description":"The \"GMA\" team of insiders analyze some of the biggest stories trending this morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44543040","title":"American Airlines Flight Attendants Fall Ill After Flight","url":"/GMA/video/american-airlines-flight-attendants-fall-ill-flight-44543040"}