American Dead in Singapore: Was He a Spy?

Shane Todd's parents say he was caught in a plot that could threaten U.S. national security.
4:37 | 04/02/13

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Transcript for American Dead in Singapore: Was He a Spy?
Now to that death of a young american man in singapore. An engineer found dead last year in what police said was a suicide but shane todd's parents say he feared for his life caught in a plot that could threaten u.S. National security and they're speaking out. This is a complex one. Last june shane todd wrapped up his final workweek in singapore, celebrated with some co-workers at a farewell party then went back to his apartment to finish packing for his return home to montana. What happened next may be an international murder mystery. When shane todd was found dead in his apartment after quitting his engineering job at singapore government firm ime, local police ruled it a suicide but his parents aren't convinced. I know he was murdered and then they just hung him on a door. Reporter: He was found hanging by his bathroom door. Police say he concocted a system involving a series of ropes and screws in the wall but when his family arrived at his apartment they thought something didn't ad up. No screws in the walls. No ropes, no pulleys, so i called the police immediately and I said the description you gave me does not line up with the physicalevidence. Reporter: This alleged suicide note was found on todd's computer. His brother says its impersonal tone isn't todd's. Would have his fingerprints all over a paper he would write to us and they weren't there. Reporter: A u.S. Pathologist examined their son's body and found bruise marks that indicates their son died after a struggle. His hands were shown that he was in a fight. Reporter: The family also stumbled upon his hard drive and say it contains evidence suggesting their son may have been inadvertently caught up in a plot to transfer sensitive technology to china and started to fear for his life. Then he started saying, mom, if you don't hear back from me call the american embassy because I feel my life is being threatened. Reporter: The fbi is actively working with the singapore government on todd's case. Meanwhile montana senator maximum baucus met with secretary of state john kerry. I'm not satisfied so I'm convinced that there's been no national security breach. Reporter: Todd's parents say the case is no longer about their son's death but rather national security. Mary and I are both committed to seeing this to the end and we're seeing that our country is protected. Reporter: Now shane todd's former company ime shot down the todd family's speculation telling abc news that neither ime nor shane were involved in any classified research project with china and that they deeply grieve the loss. Amy? John muller, thanks so much. For more let's bring in dan abrams and, dan, singapore and the u.S. Are on friendly terms, in fact, the prime minister will be meeting with obama later today, but that said, how much influence do u.S. Officials have in singapore? It's not like the singaporen authorities want the fbi there. It's not like they're calling and saying, you know what would be great, to get the fbi'shelp. It involved diplomacy, getting access to the right people, talking to the right people and now the authorities there are saying, look, we welcome the fbi's help. The question is going to be, is that just lip service or are they actually working with the fbi on this? We just heard what shane todd's parents have to say going over specific details saying there was evidence of a struggle, what the singapore police told them doesn't add up to what they saw and they say he was feared he was being pulled into a spy game. How difficult is that to prove. Very tough. They're concerned about "a," inconsistency about what they've been told but, "b," maybe most importantly they don't buy the suicide note. They just don't think that it sounds like him and I think that's really important because they're focusing on details in the note saying how much he liked his company and how he didn't want to be a burden on his family andre saying he never would have said that stuff and as a result, the family can saying we don't buy it. I think that was their starting point and from there they're now saying, look, there are a lot of other pieces here that don't make sense, as well. Two u.S. Senators involved. Is that a game changer? I don't know that it's a game changer. It's certainly helpful to them. I think that the fact there are national securitsues here has led this to be a bigger deal, but, look, when you have a u.S. Citizen who is somewhere abroad and there's a question as to whether he might have been murdered, period, the authorities try to help. They try to get involved. When you add the national security element to it, there's a lot more interest in washington. The government's interested. Absoly. Dan abrams, thanks so much. We appreciate it.

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{"id":18861089,"title":"American Dead in Singapore: Was He a Spy?","duration":"4:37","description":"Shane Todd's parents say he was caught in a plot that could threaten U.S. national security.","url":"/GMA/video/american-dead-singapore-shane-todds-alleged-suicide-questioned-18861089","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}