American Doctor Rescued From the Taliban

Muhammad Lila reports the details of a life and death mission in Afghanistan.
2:05 | 12/09/12

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Transcript for American Doctor Rescued From the Taliban
morning, the life or death mission in afghanistan to snap a american doctor outthe clutches of the taliban. The military really worried that taliban might kill this doctor. Abc's mohammad lila is here this morning with new details inspect was a risky mission. Absolutely, dan. This was a life and death rescue overnight. Take a look at this doctor, dr. Dilip joseph, he was working at a remote medical clinic, morningstar development. When he and two his colleagues were kid napd on tuesday. They the afghans were quickly released. But the doctor was kept in captivity. But last night, coalition forces made their move, making the decision to go in and rescue dr. Joseph after learning his life was in imminent danger. Now, u.S. Officials tells abc news that it appears that the militants were preparing to take joseph to neighboring pakistan. That's why the top commander in afghanistan, john allen, ordered the raid himself. Saying, quote -- dan, we didn't hear about this kidnapping when it happened on friday. Because coalition officials were worried. The military in afghanistan, we sometimes forget that there are thousands of civilians in afghanistans working as trainers, instructors or as in this case, as a doctor, he was trying to set up remote medical facilities. Because he wasn't part of the military, often times the civilians go there and the really put their lives literally on the front line because they don't have the support and the fire power that the american military does. Mohammad lila, thanks for joining us. Bianna over to you.

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{"id":17917535,"title":"American Doctor Rescued From the Taliban","duration":"2:05","description":"Muhammad Lila reports the details of a life and death mission in Afghanistan.","url":"/GMA/video/american-doctor-rescued-taliban-17917535","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}