'American Pickers' Star Opens Doors for Young Treasure Hunters

Star of hit reality series Mike Wolfe reveals how kids can learn how to find treasure among junk.
2:53 | 05/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'American Pickers' Star Opens Doors for Young Treasure Hunters
Mike wolf started picking through trash hoping to find treasure when he was just a little boy. He parlaid his love of picking into the hit history channel so "american pickers." That little voice you hear is his little girl charlie. He's here today and wants to pass along his knowledge to the next generation and next generation is sitting right next to you in little austin who is a kid picker which by the way is the name of mike's new book. "Kid pickers: How to turn your junk into treasure." Mike is with us and welcome to the show. Thank you very much. Last time I saw you we were in maine picking through a basement, remember that. I got to tell you, talk about a joyful assignment for me and can't wait to do it again. Any time you need an assistant, I am in. I love how you are sort of celebrating kids and I'm getting started. Not for like finding the treasure and turning it into a lottery ticket but making it about history. Yeah. Talk about that. Basically it's hands-on history when children find something they can learn about their family history and community's history, austin started about a year ago, I gave him this bulldozer here and that was throwing gas on a fire. I think that's one of the important things, it teaches children it's not about the value, right, it's like finding things and understanding where they came from and researching them and we created a website called kidpickers.Com where children can go to and relate with each other. I want you to show me a couple things you found. I love that vintage truck. Hold on to that. Bulldozer. This is one of the bottles that austin first found. Where did you find that at? I found it in a box that was underneath a pine tree at my grandpa denny's. And tell me about what you discovered. It was a medicine bottle. Someone actually put that in a box and buried it underneath the pine kree. Pretty much. Did you find out anything about that story. No. You got to dig into that, my friend. That's the history of it all. One thing he got was this kennard and basically talks about where the person came from. They came from quebec. They came to morris, illinois, the town austin is from. Austin found this in a farm house. Where did you find that? I found it in like kind of a cardboard box but had insulation all over it and I had to dig through it and finally found it. This is in good condition, right? It's a fisher-price pull toy. PROBABLY FROM THE '60s. That brings back memories. That's part of it too like retracing your own past as well. Great book. I love it. I think there's great advice not only for the kid picker in your life but this picker was reminded of a thing or two. The book is now in stores and "american pickers" season five delve into europe. We start the 27th on new shows and have 20 in a row. Great to see you. Let's go hunting. All right. Great to meet you too.

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{"id":19270720,"title":"'American Pickers' Star Opens Doors for Young Treasure Hunters","duration":"2:53","description":"Star of hit reality series Mike Wolfe reveals how kids can learn how to find treasure among junk.","url":"/GMA/video/american-pickers-star-mike-wolfe-opens-doors-kids-19270720","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}