'American Sniper' Jurors Give Interview About Case's Verdict

Eddie Ray Routh was found guilty of capital murder of former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle.
3:39 | 02/25/15

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Transcript for 'American Sniper' Jurors Give Interview About Case's Verdict
with that American sniper verdict. The jury got the case a little after 7:30. By 10:00 they had a verdict. Eddie routh convicted of murdering Chris Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield. Of course, this case made so famous by the movie "American sniper" see Bradley cooper playing Chris Kyle. Six of the jurors will join us in an ABC news exclusive taking us inside their deliberations but first ABC's Ryan Owens has the latest from stephenville, Texas. Good morning, Ryan. Reporter: Good morning, robin. It did not take the jury long to decide they did not buy the insanity defense here. As you mentioned, they only had the case for about 2 1/2 hours and nearly an hour of that was dinner. We, the jury, find the defend, Eddie ray routh, guilty of the offense of capital murder. Reporter: Eddie routh will spend the rest of his life in a Texas prison. The outcome the families of American sniper Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield were hoping for. We've waited two years for god to get justice for us on behalf of our son. Reporter: Routh showed no emotion as the verdict was read. He hasn't this entire trial. And no reaction this morning from taya Kyle, Chris's widow. She left in tears after closing arguments and never returned but she was here every day of the nine-day trial and was the first witness. Who were you married to prior to February the 2nd, 2013? Chris Kyle. Okay. Reporter: The judge didn't allow audio to be broadcast during the trial so this is our first time hearing her emotional testimony. I was outside our house on Easter morning, Chris hiding Easter eggs for the kids. Reporter: As she watched whose life became a blockbuster. Green light. Reporter: Detailing the last time she saw her husband alive. Said we loved each other and gave each other a kiss and a hug like we always did. Reporter: This morning we also finally hear the killer's voice on the police interrogation tape. Eddie routh answering that pivotal question. Did you know the difference between wrong and right? Yes, sir. Reporter: And apologizing to the victims' families. I'd tell them I'm so sorry for what I done and if I could have done it differently, I'd done it a whole lot differently. Reporter: In closing arguments the prosecutor told the jury this man shot two men in the back in hoin and our county finds him guilty and that's exactly what they did. George. Thanks, Ryan. We are joined by several of the jurors who reached this decision last night. Thank you so much for joining us. I know you had a long night last night but let me begin with, Barrett. You deliberated for a little over two hours. How were you able to reach it so quickly. We had our strong feelings. We were led the same direction. We spent time to go back over the facts that led us in that direction and ultimately unanimous decision, you know, multiple times. We just like I said reinforced why it was a unanimous decision and where we got to where we got. Heidi, was there any disagreement at the beginning? Not really. It was kind of we felt like we shouldn't just come to a decision. We felt like we needed to talk things over first and figure out whether everybody was on the same page or if we needed to discuss something more so we took our time before we actually came to the guilty verdict. We discussed different things and asked questions and talked it over. Christina Yeager, Eddie routh had so much bizarre behavior. Did you all just decide he was faking? That was something that we really had to figure out in the beginning. I know a lot of us came into this jury questioning that. But evidence shows that there was a real definite pattern there when it came to, you know, his earlier convictions before the trial. Sara, tell us more about that pattern. Well, when I say there's a pattern that we saw, it was, you know, he would be -- he would get intoxicated, get in trouble and then the police would show up and he would say I'm a veteran. I have PTSD. I'm insane. You know, and every time something bad happened, he'd pull that card and also just other evidence like his other convictions and then as well as, you know, just pattern behaviors through his interviews with the specialists. And bottom line, Barrett, you all were convinced he knew the difference between right and wrong when he pulled those triggers? Yes, sir. Without a doubt. Without a doubt. He knew the consequences of pulling the trigger the first time. A lot of people are wondering if he could get a fair trial given all the publicity surround this case, given the movie, the extreme popularity of this movie "American idol," did any of you see the movie and are you confident that you went into this with an open mind? The movie? There might have been a few of us that did, Barrett might have. I did. Barrett, you saw the movie. How did it impact you? It gave me a better outlook on Chris' role as a marine, what that job entitles, a greater respect for it. But as far as the action that is took place on February 2nd, you know, Chad was till in the picture and Chad was not in that movie. I basically put the fact that Chris was a marine, you know, out of my mind and just looked at him as a person. Looked at Chad as a person and looked at Eddie as a person and tried to make, you know, reasonable judgment. Finally, is there anything else you want our viewers to know about this case? I think -- It's a sad story for both families, it's a very sad story. It's a tragedy and it's -- I hope that the families, the Littlefield and Kyle families get some closure over there. Well, thank you all for your service and thanks for your time this morning. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You heard Barrett say it

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{"duration":"3:39","description":"Eddie Ray Routh was found guilty of capital murder of former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"29208979","title":"'American Sniper' Jurors Give Interview About Case's Verdict","url":"/GMA/video/american-sniper-jurors-give-interview-cases-verdict-29208979"}