Americans Vacation in Stranger's Home for Ultimate Getaway

New trend in summer adventures have vacationers paying strangers to live in their homes.
2:53 | 06/30/13

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Transcript for Americans Vacation in Stranger's Home for Ultimate Getaway
This is a huge vacation week to state the obvious. Millions of families traveling for the fourth. Many people are trying something different, doesn't involve a hotel. Sounds novel. Imagine a big trip while enjoying the comforts of home renting houses of complete strangers. Many of the homes are an adventure all their own. This is rachel smith. Reporter: Some of the world's 300,000 cool and quirky rentable properties in 200 countries. On b and b.Com. Would you vacation in a london water tower? An igloo dome in greeneland? Or sleep off the german hang over here? People are interested in trying out new things. Reporter: Christian has rented out his properties to 80 air b and b guests. CHECK OUT THIS 1940s TWO BEDROOM One bath hill top home with million dollar views of l.A. This is like a hidden gem here in los angeles. It seems like this would be a more intimate way to experience a particular location. It's different than a hotel, and completely impersonal, and no soul. Might see photographs of a somebody and take on that life. I have had people ask me if my dog would stay with them. Reporter: It takes a breed to vacation in a dome in chile. A british house designed to look like an owl. Or a tree house in vermont. Here's how it works, the place you want to rent is venice beach air stream, pay a service fee, plus the price of your stay and the security deposit. They forward the money to the homeowner who pays nothing. You can easily deduct a broken coffee mug, if it's vandalism, they back you up to $2 million. Any drawbacks? Horror stories? No. Trust them with your house and belongings, right away when they see that, people respect that, and there's a mutual understanding. I think there's one misconception you're going to the house and staying there. You're not sharing anything with anybody. Reporter: For me to stay here? 500 a night. Reporter: Maybe for like -- maybe for you, cheaper. Reporter: Priceless is what these properties are called by many of the 4 million air b and b renters who surf the net for the ultimate in couch surfing. For "good morning america," rachel smith, hol, california. Paula faris, what was your

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{"id":19535773,"title":"Americans Vacation in Stranger's Home for Ultimate Getaway","duration":"2:53","description":"New trend in summer adventures have vacationers paying strangers to live in their homes.","url":"/GMA/video/americans-vacation-strangers-home-ultimate-getaway-19535773","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}