America's Tallest Building Could Change

Chicago's Willis tower is challenged by NYC's new One World Trade Center.
3:00 | 11/10/13

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Transcript for America's Tallest Building Could Change
Switching gears now, this week, we're expecting a big new development in a major american rivalry, new york city versus chicago, forget the debate over the best pizza, best sports team, we're talking about bragging rights for the tallest building in america, chicago native and current new yorker, a very split personality linzie janis is here with more. Reporter: Good morning, easy decision to make, which building is taller? Wilson or 1 world trade. New york can't beat us, we're chicago. Reporter: A tale of two cities and a few ongoing rivalries. The windy city. Versus the big apple. The cubs. Or the yankees. Deep dish. Or thin crust. And now, another one to add to the list. Will willis building versus 1 world trade. At 1,776 feet, 1 world trade center towers over the new york city skyline. But critics say, remove that spire at its peak and the newest american sky scraper clocks 83 feet shy of willis tower at 1,451. The council of tall buildings met friday to determine whether this needle kountsz making it the tallest building. The decision comes true. How much is really riding on the outcome. It might hurt a little bit of city pride. Reporter: And chicagoans seem to agree. What if this isn't the tallest building? A little bit disappointed. Reporter: What happened if the 1 world trade center in new yo york. Probably go to that one. Under its current criteria, spires that are part of the building's design count. 1 world trade enclosed its communicat communications, the developer recently decided to remove that claifing. Therein lies the controversy. Can't we all get along? I live two blocks from 1 world trade center. It's tall enough. She's joining the council on tall buildings. We're going to turn now to the heads up warning to, well,

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{"id":20842941,"title":"America's Tallest Building Could Change","duration":"3:00","description":"Chicago's Willis tower is challenged by NYC's new One World Trade Center.","url":"/GMA/video/americas-tallest-building-change-20842941","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}