Sick Amish Girl, Family Seek Treatment Outside US

Sarah Hershberger and her parents have left the country to seek an alternative to chemotherapy.
3:00 | 11/28/13

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Transcript for Sick Amish Girl, Family Seek Treatment Outside US
And now, to the amish family on the run to avoid medical treatment, after the courts ordered 10-year-old sarah hershberger to undergo chemotherapy to treat her leukemia. Her parents who object to the treatment have taken their daughter and fled. Abc's alex perez has this story. Reporter: This morning, there's a mystery swirling around the 10-year-old amish girl who doctors say could die if she doesn't get life-saving chemotherapy. Sarah hershberger and her parents who oppose the chemotherapy, have vanishes. Leaving the country to seek alternative treatments. It's not just the constitutional right. But the moral right to refuse conventional medical treatment. Reporter: The girl's chemotherapy treatment initially worked. The tumors got smaller. T in a rare interview by phone last august, her father explains why they stopped the treatment. We're seeing how sick it makes her. Reporter: Hershberger says the family wanted to focus on her ball and natural remedies. Our belief is the natural stuff will do just as much as that stuff does, if it's god's will. Reporter: But in october, a judge sided with the hospital, appointing a nurse to be the girl's guardian for medical decision the family won't say where they are now. But have no plans to return to the family home. Sarah's condition has gotten better. Reporter: Doctors say without chemotherapy, the girl could die within a year. Without chemotherapy, the survival rates are very, very poor. Reporter: Hospital officials declined to comment on the case or whether they will seek other legal action. Law enforcement officials say, at this point, there is no formal search for the girl. For "good morning america," alex perez, abc news, chicago.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Sarah Hershberger and her parents have left the country to seek an alternative to chemotherapy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21040244","title":"Sick Amish Girl, Family Seek Treatment Outside US","url":"/GMA/video/amish-girl-luekemia-sarah-hershberger-family-seek-alternate-21040244"}