Amish Youth Experience Internet During Rumspringa

The traditional Amish practice allows teens to experience the outside world.
3:03 | 06/02/13

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Transcript for Amish Youth Experience Internet During Rumspringa
the amish as you've never seen them before. Young people, given an opportunity to break away from the traditional way of life for a turn in the outside world. We're talking about the amish rite of passage, where young people are allowed to break everything forbidden in their culture, including alcohol, cigarettes and the internet. These teenagers whose faces we're obscuring for privacy reasons, these teenagers are amish. Amish. The tech unsavvy religious group, known for wearing prairie dresses, churning butter and driving a horse and buggy. When amish kids enter a point in their teenage years, they enter a point of rumspringer. I want to experience everything. Reporter: Amish kids get to set aside their culture's strict rules and explore the outside world. When it's over, they face a choice. Stay out in the world. New york city. Or come home and be baptized. And these days, this generation old's rite of passage as a new twist. As first recorded by buzzfeed, amish teams are punking up rumspringa, by embracing social media. Horses and buggies are replaced by wild limo parties. Friends dozing with bottles of liquor. Guys who grew up without telephones or electricity, showing off their cigarettes and beer. Noah hirschberger left the amish community when turning 17. He told us about parties like this one, as shown on the show "amish mafia." Drinking, smokes. Every saturday night, there's a party somewhere. And they get together. Hundreds of them at one place. That's how they socialize with each other. Facebook is some of it. But weekends, it's parties everywhere. Reporter: Chris webber works with a group that councils amish teens on drug and alcohol abuse. With the amish, they do everything in large, social circles. What you get is you're not going to have five kids sitting in a bedroom drinking beer and watching dvd. You'll have 50 kids in a shop playing beer pong. Reporter: After rumspringa, most amish teenagers rejoin the community. But they try to incorporate some of the modern technology they experienced on the outside, without violating their beliefs. They have put up phone booths outside of their homes. It will be fascinating to see what impact facebook has on the future of this faith. An interesting part of their culture. A writer at buzzfeed, who initially reported this story pointed out, even though the kids are posting inappropriate pictures on the social network feed, most likely the parents will never see it because the parents are not computer literal. Two different worlds. Absolutely two different worlds. Fascinating.

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"The traditional Amish practice allows teens to experience the outside world.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19307901","title":"Amish Youth Experience Internet During Rumspringa","url":"/GMA/video/amish-youth-experience-internet-rumspringa-19307901"}